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Otsus Volume II Remains to Improve Papuans Welfare and Keep Papua in Republic of Indonesia #Part 2, By Yulian


Yulian | Papuan Observer

However, in implementing Volume II of the Special Autonomy policy in the Papua region, there are several notes that the central government, regional government supported by the People’s Representative Council (DPR), People’s Representative Council of Papua (DPRP), Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) and indigenous Papuans must pay attention to optimal development results.

Note for Papua Special Autonomy Volume II

1) Local Political Dynamics

Local political dynamics need to be revitalized so that the participation of Papuan in the political process will increase so that they have a certain level of involvement in decision making, oversight of the running regional government, specifically in the arrangement and implementation of provisions related to the Otsus policy. The existence of Local Parties as in the Aceh region needs to be realized in the Papua region.

2) Lack of Mutual Trust between Central Papua and Papua

The issue of the history of Papua’s integration into Indonesia and the political identity of Papua need to be clarified as soon as possible by establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (KKR) which has been mandated by the Special Autonomy Law. The KKR is tasked with pursuing a dialogue between the central government and the indigenous Papuan people to resolve the problems of the integration history and Papuan political identity which have long been serious obstacles. The dialogue is hoped to diminish mutual distrust and suspicion which are not conducive to building Papua.

3) Differences in Interpretation in the Implementation of Special Autonomy

It is necessary to set indicators for the implementation of the Otsus policy to measure the performance of the government transparently and to strengthen the position of the community in implementing the Otsus policy. Therefore, a grand design of Otsus Papua needs to be formulated and stipulated by the government so that there are similar guidelines for implementing the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy policy. A well-socialized grand design to end various interpretations of Otsus which even sink the important agendas of this policy.

4) The capacity of the Implementing Agency or Agency that Responsible for Implementing Otsus Policy

It is necessary to strengthen the capacity of the bureaucracy in the Papua region to become a more effective Otsus agent in the implementation policy. Strengthening this capacity can be done by stipulating several Perdasus and Perdasi. It can also be provided with assistance from the central government. In the long term, a recruitment system that tends to be primordial needs to be thoroughly reviewed, and a better recruitment system designed to provide opportunities for local descendants.

5) The Linkage of Factors Affecting the Implementation of Special Autonomy

So far, the Perdasi and Perdasus for the implementation of the Otsus policy have not gone well because there is no support for the new Government Regulations for Presidential decrees. To resolve the impasse in implementing the Special Autonomy Law, regarding the Special Autonomy policy for Papua, the central government needs to take concrete steps to accelerate the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy policy. These concrete steps include:

  1. Complete all government regulations and other legislation ordered by the Special Autonomy Law,
  2. Forming an inter-ministerial Task Groups and the Papuan Regional Government in charge of preparing government regulations and other laws mandated by Otsus.
  3. An Otsus Implementation Evaluation Team was held and the development of a model for the sustainability of the Papua Special Autonomy Implementation Policy Volume II that could better answer the real needs of the people in the Papua region.
  4. The Evaluation Team submits the evaluation results and the sustainability model for the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy Volume II (in the form of a Draft Law) to be presented and presented in front of the President, DPR leaders, DPD leaders, MRP leaders, DPRP leaders, representatives of the Community Group Chair ( Custom, ethnicity, religion) and the Rector of University in Papua to serve as material for the draft proposal for the Papua Special Autonomy Law Volume II from the Government to the Indonesian Parliament.

In closing, let’s participate together in providing input on the implementation of Papua’s Special Autonomy as a basis for formulating the policy formulation for the implementation of Special Autonomy for Papua Volume II as our joint effort to build a better and more prosperous future for the development of the Papua of Indonesia region and indigenous Papuans within the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.


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