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Papuan People’s Council, By Solosa Danuanindra


Solosa Danuanindra | Papuan Students

Concerning about the position of indigenous Papuans at the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP), on Articles 19-25, it is clear that the cultural representation of the indigenous Papuan has been given a very large space.

What is the definition of MRP? Referring to the Special Autonomy Law in Article 1 Point (g) and Article 5 Paragraph (2), it is stated that: “In the framework of implementing Special Autonomy in Papua Province, the Papuan People’s Council was formed which is a cultural representation of indigenous Papuans who have certain powers in the framework of protecting their rights. the rights of indigenous Papuans, based on respect for customs and culture, empowerment of women, and strengthening of religious harmony. ”

Referring to the regulation, the duties and authorities of the MRP include: First, to provide consideration and approval for prospective candidates for governor and deputy governor. Second, the MRP functions to provide consideration and approval for candidates for DPD members. Third, the MRP also functions to give consideration and approval to regional legislative drafts submitted by the DPRP together with the governor or even has the power to submit a review of existing regional law or governorates.

Fourth, regarding the protection of the rights of indigenous Papuans, the MRP can also provide advice, considerations, and approval of planned cooperation agreements made by the government and the provincial government with third parties. Fifth, the MRP can receive complaints from indigenous peoples, religious communities, and women, or even society in general, and is tasked with channeling these aspirations and facilitating follow-up resolution.

Besides, sixth, the MRP functions to provide considerations to the DPRP, governors, district/city DPRPs, and regents/mayors regarding matters related to protecting the rights of indigenous Papuans.

Meanwhile, talking about MRP membership, referring to Article 24 Paragraph (1) states: “The election of MRP members is carried out by members of indigenous peoples, religious communities and women communities.”

MRP is a cultural representation of indigenous Papuans. This institution has the duty and authority to safeguard the interests and protection of the basic rights of Papuans by supervising all government policies (governors/regents/mayors) and DPRP/DPRD.

Talking more technically about the membership of the MRP, referring to Government Regulation 54/2004 on the Papuan People’s Assembly, it is stated that this institution is located in the provincial capital (Article 2). The membership of the MRP consists of indigenous Papuans. Come from representatives of custom, representatives of religion, and representatives of women. The total number of members is not more than three-fourths of the total number of DPRP members, where the composition of each of the three elements is one-third. The membership period for the MRP is five years (Article 3).


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