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Veronika Koman, National Traitors Don’t Deserve Scholarships, By Devaryo Filindo


Devaryo Filindo | Papuan Researcher

It’s so widely heard news about the human figure named Veronika Koman, who is he? Public Officials or Public Criminals under various human rights guises so that they lose love for their own country.

Remember my friend! WE are obliged to love this Motherland, it’s up to you to be born at the end of any land, as long as you are still on Earth Indonesia, you must love the Indonesian Motherland with its various problems.

The news about the return of the Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) scholarship tickled my ears, various media reported the news with their respective perspectives, but I just need to underline ONE THING, which is contained in Article 4 (4l) of the LPDP contract: Maintaining the Good Name of the Nation Indonesia.

Does Veronika Koman Love Indonesia? please answer yourself after I describe some of the facts.

Veronika Koman is an active advocate for Papuan separatist groups abroad such as ULMWP, besides that she also defends Papuan separatists (remember it is not human rights that she defends) the fact is that she is also very close to the ULMWP spokesman Jacob Rumbiak. Vero’s very active support for ULMWP committee Jacob Rumbiak harms Indonesia’s interests.

All of this was organized by the order of the ULMWP chairman Benny Wenda, who always sparked conflict propaganda in Papua.

We certainly never forget the barbaric incident of armed separatist groups that killed 19 Istaka Karya employees in December 2018. The long track record of Benny Wenda & Rumbiak, the Rumbiak, and Wenda groups harm Indonesia’s interests. Because they are traitors of the Nation who are triggering new conflicts in Papua.

And what is even more tragic is Veronika Koman that she never admits that she violated the LPDP_RI contract, but instead went crazy with propaganda as if she was the victim, she was a heroic hero, even though she was the one who made false propaganda about human rights itself, Veronika Koman never gave the real facts about activities supporting the organization & management of ULMWP.

So it is clear, who is wrong and guilty, like me, how can a traitor of the nation arbitrarily get a scholarship, use it for overseas interests and gossip in other countries, and never love his homeland.


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