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Special Autonomy Provides Opportunities for Papuan Youth to Develop Regional Economic Potentials. by Maheswara Prameswara


Maheswara Prameswara | Special Autonomy Specialist

The government is committed to encouraging economic development in eastern Indonesia, namely Papua Province and West Papua Province.

This year, the central government has budgeted a special autonomy (autonomy) fund for Papua Province amounting to Rp 5.86 trillion and West Papua Province Rp 2.51 trillion.

Director of the Public Policy Institute (PPI) Sujono HS said that the implementation of the Special Autonomy policy in Papua and West Papua, with a large allocation of education funds.

This provides an opportunity for Papuan youths who have the potential and opportunities to get education and skills according to the talent fields they are interested in

The people of Papua and West Papua regions is quite potential in encouraging economic development in the eastern region. Likewise, a Papuan son named Paskalis Pigai has a talent for professional photos and videographers. Paskalis wants more Papuan youths and girls like him to become professional photographers and videographers. Besides more people are dreaming of becoming the State Civil Service (ASN) rather than being professionals.

Paskalis’ expertise, being a photographer and video making himself counted among his group. Through the PT Papua Project he founded, he became a professional in the field of photo and videography. Naturally, Paskalis Pigai was chosen by his colleagues to become chairman of the Manokwari Photography Community.

Responding to the recruitment of civil servants in Papua, Paskalis Pigai who is also the co-founder of PT Papua Muda Inspiratif acknowledged that there are still problems and polemics among the Papuan people. This is because the youth in Papua still think that ASN must be the majority of native Papuan children. Actually, according to Paskalis, many other career choices can be taken apart from civil servants, as he is currently practicing. He chose entrepreneurship because he works freely, and can open jobs for other people, and earn a higher income.

According to data from the Ministry of Finance, since the beginning of the Papua Special Autonomy Law coming into effect in 2022, the total disbursement of the government for Papua and West Papua is IDR 126.99 trillion.

The special autonomy funds received by Papua amounted to Rp. 93.05 trillion since 2002 and West Papua amounting to Rp. 33.94 trillion since 2009.


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