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Indonesia at the UNGA 2020: Vanuatu does not represent the Papuan people, by Agoes Abidin Apituley

Indonesian Representative Diplomat at the United Nations, Silvany Austin Pasaribu. Foto: Youtube/United Nation

Agoes Abidin Apituley, jurnalis/writer

Indonesia used the opportunity of the right of reply in responding to the speech of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu Bob Loughman who touched on the alleged human rights violations in Papua during the UN General Assembly. Indonesia emphasizes that Vanuatu is not a representation of the Papuan people.

Indonesia emphasized that Vanuatu at first have to be understand the Charter of the United Nations (UN) before talking about human rights issues in Indonesia

In the right of reply conveyed by Indonesia’s representative diplomats at the United Nations, Vanuatu is a country that has an excessive and unhealthy obsession with Indonesian governance.

“I am confused, how can a country try to teach another country while losing the essence of all the basic principles of the UN Charter?” said Silvany Austin Pasaribu, Indonesia’s representative diplomat in her speech on the official UN account.

The two fundamental principles, continued Silvany, are not to intervene in the domestic affairs of other member countries and to respect their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Doing what is right, means respecting the principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries and doing what is right, to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries. Yes, before you do that, please do not pay attention to other countries,” continued Silvany.

Silvany also discussed the issue of international conventions on eliminating racial discrimination, which Vanuatu has not even signed.

“How can someone talk about the rights of indigenous peoples when they doesn’t even sign international conventions on economic and socio-cultural rights,” continued Silvany.

Silvany emphasized that Vanuatu was only trying to promote separatism in West Papua under the guise of concerns about human rights. He said that Vanuatu had repeatedly tried to “sell” this issue on the UN stage.

“You are not a representation of the Papuan people, so, please don’t fantasize about it,” said Silvany.

In the right of reply, Silvany also explained that Papua and West Papua are inseparable parts of Indonesia.

“Indonesia will continue to fight against the advocacy of separatism behind concerns over human rights. Papua and West Papua have been an inseparable part of Indonesia since 1945. This has been formally supported by the United Nations and the global community for decades,” said Silvany.

Meanwhile, regarding the shooting case of a pastor in Papua, University of Indonesia Professor Hikmahanto Juwana said that Vanuatu’s accusation was too hasty.

“In my opinion, the Vanuatu representative was too quick to conclude by accusing the TNI of being responsible. Even though the Police are currently investigating, ” said Hikamahanto.

He actually suspected that Vanuatu representatives were looking for a stage by opening their voices at the United Nations.

“I suspect Vanuatu’s representatives are looking for a stage because every time they deliver a debate at the General Assembly, Vanuatu always looks for Indonesia’s mistakes and hits on the Papuan connection, “he explained.

Even so, Hikmahanto considered that the government needed to respond to these criticisms wisely.

“Let the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia argue with more accurate data later,” said Hikmahanto. ()


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