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The conscience of Indigenous Papuans: I am proud to be Papuan and I am grateful to be Indonesia, by Jhon Kogoya


Jhon Kogoya | Indigeneos Papuan People

The land of Papua as an integral part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) seems to have not moved from the rampant acts of treason. The Armed Criminal Group continues to try to separate Papua from the Republic of Indonesia for various reasons.

However, this does not mean that the Indigenous Papuan (OAP) are certain to agree with the idea of ​​Papuan independence. Because in reality, many OAPs want Papua to remain part of Indonesia for various reasons. Especially, because until now they feel like Indonesian citizens. They even felt that the situation in Papua would be even worse if they separated themselves from Indonesia.

This is as expressed by Jhon Kogoya, an Indonesian citizen who is also an Indigenous Papuan (OAP). He is among those who do not agree with the idea of ​​an independent Papua.

I never received discrimination from the Indonesian people and wanted Papua to remain part of the Republic of Indonesia – Jhon Kogoya

In the field of law and government, Papuans are not differentiated from other ethnic groups. Many OAPs are now ministers, many have become Generals, even all governors and regents/mayors in Papua are currently OAP.

Then, he observed himself that if Papua separates from Indonesia, Papua will likely experience a setback in development and prosperity. Papua will go back two centuries. And, the Papuan class is only the selling class for Pinang.

According to his confession, Jhon Kogoya had already traveled to the Melanesian countries. He admitted that he did not find any country in the Melanesian region that was more developed and more prosperous than Papua. This is partly due to the development role of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua.


Then, according to Jhon Kogoya’s admission that it never existed in its history, Papua became a kingdom. This was Dutch politics during the colonial period to build separatist groups as an effort to build a puppet state. Including the Morning Star flag and the song Hai Tanahku Papua which is considered the national anthem.

Finally, he expressed his pride and love for Papua and the Republic of Indonesia. According to him, he felt rich when he was part of the Republic of Indonesia because he had different siblings. However, these differences do not prevent us from living together.

This confession from a Jhon Kogoya is his honest conscience. The uniting of all elements of the Indonesian nation will create a country that is sovereign and respected by the international public. However, if every element of the nation wants to separate and develop individually, it will become dwarfed and powerless.


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