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Commenting on the omnibus law on the Job Creation Bill, Veronica Koman Is Increasingly Unclear, Achmad Faisal

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Achmad Faisal (Master’s Degree of Law Student)

The provocateur of the Papua issue on social media, Veronica Koman, is increasingly confused and unclear. After provoking the issue of human rights violations in Papua by the TNI and Polri, Veronica is now provoking the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill.

This woman, who once received a master’s program scholarship from the Ministry of Finance’s Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP), commented on the Work Creation Omnibus Law which was approved by the DPR in a plenary meeting, Monday (5/10). Like the Papua case, Veronica provoked the approval of the Omnibus Law on social media.

Through her social media account on twitter @veronicaKoman, Veronica uses disrespectful language. She said the DPR as the discussant and the party who ratified the Omnibus Law Cipta Karya Cipta Karya was a collection of garong. In twitter, she also called the DPR offensive with male genitals. Then she created the hashtags #MosiTidakPercaya (vote of no confidence) and #TolakOmnibusLaw (reject the omnibus law).

Veronica Koman’s actions were very inappropriate. Veronica has been presumptuous to insult state institutions by calling words disrespectful to the DPR RI. This is a clear evidence of Veronica the provocateur, tormenting and trampling the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

How can the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill formulated by the government for the nation’s economy be insulted by Veronica. If Veronica’s intelligence doesn’t understand the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill, it would be nice for her to read more about the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill. Veronica was also able to hear statements from economic experts, the majority of which stated that the Job Creation Bill was positive for the Indonesian economy.

The World Bank alone considers the Job Creation Bill or omnibus law to be an important part of Indonesia’s economic recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic. As expressed by World Bank Indonesia’s Lead Economist Frederico Gil Sander. According to Sander, the Omnibus Law Bill needs to be reformed. The law in the Omnibus Law can remove barriers while attracting foreign investment.

Economic observer from Airlangga University, Rahma Gafmi agrees with Frecerico Gil Sander. He said, the omnibus law has many positive sides. This bill clarifies the laws and regulations between the center and the regions that have been overlapping. These overlapping rules are an obstacle to economic development.

The presence of the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill makes regulations clear in Indonesia. Investors who will enter will not worry about experiencing obstacles when investing in Indonesia.

From here, once again the question becomes what is on Veronica Koman’s agenda after messing up Papua and now she is presumptuous to interfere with the Omnibus Law? I think it is time for the government to take a firm stand against Veronica. If allowed, Veronica will be more free to be rude to the government.

The government must also be aware of who is behind Veronica Koman. Because logically, Veronica could not possibly stand alone. As in the case of Papua, Legal Practitioner LBH Bamus Betawi, Amsori said that there was a figure behind Veronica’s action.

Amsori also reminded, of the digital track record of a number of actions that Veronica Koman carried out as Ahok’s supporter in the action in front of Cipinang Prison. Veronica, from her young age, lives abroad but is active in talking about Papua. Her talks were always negative towards the Indonesian government. ()


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