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Shoot TGPF Member, No More Compromise for the KKB, by Achmad Faisal

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Achmad Faisal | Master’s Degree of Law Student

Intan Jaya Regent Natalis Tabuni believes the series of shootings at Intan Jaya were masterminded by the KKB

The acts of violence carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) are increasingly brutal. After shooting civilians and members of the TNI at Intan Jaya last September, KKB returned to shooting with victims of the Joint Fact Finding Team (TGPF) Bambang Purwoko and a TNI member named Zainuddin.

The shooting took place on October 9, 2020, at 15:45 WIT, when the TGPF group was on their way home. When the group arrived at the incline of Wagonopome, Mamba Village, KKB shot from the right and left of the road. Bambang, who is also a lecturer at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) was shot in the left leg, while Zainuddin was shot in the waist. The two victims were then evacuated to the UPTD RSUD Sugapa for intensive care.

What KKB does, I call barbarian. The reason is, Bambang’s presence to carry out his duties as a member of TGPF regarding the shooting case committed by KKB in Intan Jaya. Bambang should only be civilians carrying out tasks from the government.

The KKB action is the same as a series of other actions. They want to show their existence by spreading terror. This time the terror was carried out against TGPF and tried to obstruct TGPF’s task in investigating the shooting at Intan Jaya.

The existence of the KKB which is affiliated with this separatist group has an agenda. Every year, separatist groups always bring the issue of human rights violations (HAM) of the Indonesian government in Papua to the session of the United Nations (UN). And a framing that I say read classically is the KKB overturning the fact that every violence they commit is committed by the TNI or Polri.

Kapen Kogabwihan III, Col. Czi IGN Suriastawa, stated that in the case of the shooting of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani in Hitadipa Village, Hitadipa District, Intan Jaya on Saturday (19/9), the KKB spread a false issue by saying the shooting was carried out by members of the TNI.

According to Suriastawa, the KKB was seeking international attention ahead of the UN general session on September 22-29, 2020. The KKB launched all these slanders through social media.

Intan Jaya Regent Natalis Tabuni believes the series of shootings at Intan Jaya was masterminded by the KKB. The KKB is the Free Papua National Defense Organization.


Source: Liputan6.com

The KKB framing as if the Indonesian government had committed human rights violations in Papua were brought to international forums has indeed occurred in the last few years. Through Vanuatu – the country where Papuan separatist organizations (such as the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) led by Benny Wenda) are headquartered – the issue of human rights violations by the Indonesian government in Papua was raised at the UN General Assembly in New York.

The Pacific nation’s actions have been recorded since 2016. Vanuatu, which collaborates with a handful of other Pacific countries (such as the Solomon Islands) and the ULMWP, has used the UN platform to voice its support for the referendum on Earth of Cendrawasih.

In addition, Vanuatu is also lobbying major Pacific countries such as Australia and New Zealand to support their actions.

The Indonesian government itself has long criticized Vanuatu’s move. A number of diplomats from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered Vanuatu’s efforts to have political implications. Indonesia also said that Vanuatu had deliberately supported the ULMWP, which instigated the series of riots in Papua from August to September 2019, did not respect the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, and was ‘presumptuous’ to interfere in Indonesia’s domestic problems.

At the UN General Assembly, Saturday (26/9/2020), Indonesian diplomat Silvany Austin Pasaribu conveyed the right to reply to allegations of human rights violations against Papua which was conveyed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu Bob Loughman.

In this right of reply, Indonesia considers that the statement made by Loughman does not represent the attitude of the Papuan people. Silvany asked Vanuatu to stop dreaming of becoming a representative for Papua. This diplomat said that Vanuatu was excessively obsessed and unhealthy about Indonesia’s authority in governing its own country.

Indonesia considers Vanuatu’s accusations to support separatism. To that end, Indonesia expressly states that it will defend itself from all advocacy for separatism that is conveyed under the guise of concern for human rights.

This series of facts deserves to be dealt with firmly. This separatist group will continue to spread cruel terror and slander against the Indonesian government. Indonesia’s sovereignty over Papua’s land is fixed. And there is no more compromise for the KKB which is becoming more and more self-conscious. ()


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