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There is no genocide in Indonesia, be wise to face provocation, By Achmad Faisal

Source: jawapos.com

Achmad Faisal (Master’s Degree of Law Student)

The Indonesian government has given many privileges to Papua“ (Freddy Numberi, A Papuan Figure and Former Minister)

Papuan separatist groups have never stopped narrating the negativity of the Indonesian government. There are only issues that they create to demonize the Indonesian government. This time, cunningly, they rode the issue of the Job Creation Law which ultimately provoked the public.

In a Twitter account, the Papuan separatist group calling itself Papua Militant International (PMI) spread the hashtag against the omnibus law with bad tendencies. The hashtags include: #OmnibusLawRugianRakyat, #DPRRIKhianatiRakyat, #TolakOmnibusLaw, #JegalSampaiGagal, #MosiTidakPbelaya, #JegalSampaiBatal, #DPRPengkhianatRakyat, # DPRIMpositor # BuruhkeJerak, and # DPRIMahalan Student.

This narrative is neither smart nor elegant. Separatists try to influence society with the issue of the Job Creation Law. The goal is once again to provoke and terrorize Indonesia.

Still on the same twitter account, PMI called President Jokowi racist and fascist because (according to them) he has committed genocide and crimes against human rights (HAM) in Papua.

The issue of human rights violations by the Indonesian government in Papua has always been used by the separatist groups. This issue is very classic. Of course this accusation is absurd. If we look at the history of what has happened in Papua, separatist groups have committed acts of violating human rights.

It is precisely the separatist groups who violate human rights through terror against the OAP, immigrants and security forces serving in the easternmost province.

What’s amusing, is that PMI often equates the fate of the Papuan people with Palestine, which was colonized by Israel. They said that genocide occurred in the land of paradise with Indonesian government actors. As happened on July 18, 2020 in London, PMI participated in carrying out the Free Palestine Movement in London United Kingdom. With data that are not clear in fact, according to PMI Indonesia has illegally occupied and annexed West Papua since 1963 and massacred at least 500 thousand people.

The digital footprint records all the actions of the separatist group’s bars. They ruthlessly slaughtered indigenous Papuans (OAP), provoked them with racist sentences that seemed to denigrate OAP, and terrorized the community through their cruelty.

According to data from the Papua Regional Police, in 2018, the KKB separatist group was alleged to have killed 17 Istaka Karya workers in Yigi District, Nduga Regency. In 2019, the KKB with the new leader Egianus Kogoya carried out shootings throughout 2019. It was recorded that 20 victims died as a result of the shooting with data on eight members of the TNI, two members of the National Police, and 10 were civilians.

The massacre of Istaka Karya employees in Nduga by KKB Papua led by Egianus Kogoya. Istaka Karya workers tied up before being hit by KKB bullets led by Egianus Kogoya in Nduga, Papua, December 2, 2018 (tribunnews.com)

Meanwhile, in 2020, 46 cases of violence were committed by KKB. Of these victims, nine people died, namely five civilians, two members of the TNI, and two members of the Police. Apart from the dead victims, 23 people were recorded as being injured as a result of the violence committed by the KKB.

Especially in Mimika, the Mimika Resort Police, Papua said that during the period 2009 to March 2020, the KKB carried out 417 shootings. The series of acts of KKB violence resulted in 302 injured victims, 190 victims died. The victims who died came from elements of the TNI, Polri, the community, and employees of PT Freeport Indonesia and a number of subcontracting companies.

All of these acts were silent witnesses to the KKB atrocities. KKB selfishly enforces their will which they claim liberates Papua, including by killing. The KKB was consumed by the issue of provocation by irresponsible groups as if Indonesia was illegally occupying Papua. Instead of making Papua prosperous, the KKB is actually detrimental to the Papuan people.

Papuan community leader who is also a military figure, Freddy Numberi explained the history of Papua joining the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Papua Ab Initio was handed over by the UN through UNTEA (United Nations Temporary Executive Authority) to its legal owner, namely the Dutch East Indies (Nederlands-Indië) which was freed as the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 1945. The handover was made on May 1, 1963.

History happens for Papua and Indonesia. Through the 1969 Pepera (Determination of People’s Opinions), Papua was designated as part of the Republic of Indonesia. This decision was passed on 19 November 1969 at the UN General Assembly through resolution No. 2504 (XXIV). At that time 80 countries supported (including the Netherlands) and 30 countries did not vote (abstained), and 12 countries did not attend.

Freddy said the Indonesian government had given Papua many privileges. Papua has also made a lot of progress, including being a Special Autonomous region in accordance with Law Number 21 of 2001. He advised the Papuan people to wisely understand the history of Papua and the Republic of Indonesia. He also reminded the Papuan people not to trust the provocateurs who promised an independent Papua.

I believe the Papuan people are increasingly critical and wise in facing facts on the ground. How the KKB is treated and what is the reality of the Indonesian government’s efforts to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. Understanding history properly and interpreting separatist terror will raise public awareness without being influenced by irresponsible provocative sentences. ()


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