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Otsus Considered as a path of change for a better Papua, by Ayunita Harianja


Ayunita Harianja | Humanitarian Studies

The application of special autonomy (Otsus) by the Indonesian government in Papua is considered the best way to develop Papua physically and its human resources. Otsus is a win-win solution as well as a path to change for a better Papua.

This was conveyed by the Secretary-General of the Papua Council Thaha Alhamid, a political expert from the United States Walden University graduate Boni Hargens and the Executive Director of the Indonesian Public Institute (IPI) Karyono Wibowo.

Thaha Al Hamid emphasized that Otsus should not be rejected because the existence of Otsus has and will bring prosperity to the Papuan people. Moreover, the Special Autonomy does four things which include, development of education, health, people’s economy, and infrastructure. This special autonomy is a way for a change in the future, especially for the younger generation. This is a political solution for the Papuan people.

Otsus is not a problem at all. The problem is the implementation and management of Otsus

Therefore, what needs to be done in the future is to improve the management of special autonomy so that the Papuan people are more prosperous. Let the current Otsus continue. We fix the implementation of Otsus in the future. Thaha also invited all communities, such as religions, churches, students, and community organizations in Papua to strengthen the proper and proper management of otsus for the future of Papua and West Papua.

A political expert who graduated from Walden University in the United States, Boni Hargens, also assessed that the existence of Otsus must be supported. According to Boni, special autonomy is the best way to bring prosperity to the Papuan people. Special autonomy is very central to the interests of Papuan development. This is evidence of the government’s consistent and sincere commitment to liberating the Papuan people from poverty and underdevelopment.

However, Boni noted that the management of special autonomy and budget in Papua must be transparent and requires strict law enforcement. This is because corruption or misuse of state money is a serious cause of the reproduction of poverty in Papua. There is only one thing to note, law enforcement must work strictly in Papua because corruption is still a serious cause in the reproduction of poverty there. Local governments must uphold the principles of transparency and accountability in the use of budgets. Without fighting corruption, Papua will continue to be poor because of the greedy regional elite.

Meanwhile, IPI Executive Director Karyono Wibowo emphasized that there was no other choice but to continue the special autonomy. Karyono reminded, especially for the Papuan people, not to be trapped by the political games of a handful of regional players who might correlate with the central elements regarding this special autonomy. Pak Jokowi’s administration cares about the welfare of the Papuan people and that is the way to create social and political integration within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia.


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