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Armed Separatist Criminal Group Injuring, Even Slaughtering Papuans, By Timoty Kayame


Timoty Kayame | Papuan student living in Palangkaraya

The Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB) returned to action while descending the mountain. There was 1 life lost in that fateful event. The community regretted the KKSB atrocity because they had the heart to shoot indigenous Papuans. They were furious because KKSB always made trouble and sacrificed their siblings.

There was a bloody tragedy in Ilaga District. One person died from gunfire by a member of an armed separatist criminal group. The victim is named Atanius Murib, while Amanus Murib is in critical condition. Atanius Murib could not be saved because he bled too much.

The TNI Information Center stated that the suspect was suspected of being from the KKSB. Because they carried out intimidation and coercion against civilians so that they would follow in their footsteps to rebel. Of course, the indigenous Papuan people did not want to do it, so KKSB got angry and fired at random because they felt they could not support and protect.

It is pointed out that this is one of the KKSB modes to play the victim drama. So they admit that they did not shoot and the international community thinks that the suspect is a member of the TNI because they have weapons. Even though KKSB is the real suspect, and they have rifles obtained from the black market.

KKSB’s actions are always in the spotlight because they always use violence to get their wishes

They showed off their shooting skills and even had the heart to make life shields from indigenous Papuans when they were about to attack the authorities. The community is increasingly antipathic and does not want to at all support both KKSB and OPM.

This is not the only time KKSB members have been fired again and again brutally. There have been various other incidents, ranging from the Istaka Karya tragedy which killed many people, to the behavior of those who shot a TNI official car. Even though the car came to provide logistical assistance.

KKSB also guerrillas in and out of Papua’s virgin forests, and unfortunately for regeneration reasons, they recruited teenagers. Those who had dropped out of school were seduced to join and get their weapons. In fact, rather than being tired and guerrilla, it’s better to find work or trade anything to make a living.

People are also expected to be vigilant so as not to heed the KKSB campaign on social media. They are used to guerrillas on Facebook and provoke all Papuans to support OPM. Because for them Indonesia is a colonizer. Papuans certainly do not believe it because they love the Republic of Indonesia more than the illegitimate Republic of West Papua.

The Papuan people also do not want to be invited to fly the Morning Star flag as the pride of the OPM and the Republic of West Papua. Because of course, they do not want to be seen as supporting separatist groups. All indigenous Papuans love and are proud to be part of the Republic of Indonesia.

Indeed, ahead of the OPM birthday on 1 December, KKSB members often “go down the mountain” and come out of their hiding places. Then they frighten civilians with firearms and sharp weapons. The goal is that more and more people will celebrate the OPM anniversary and support Papua’s independence.

The authorities are increasingly on guard so that no more casualties or injuries are resulting from the KKSB attack. They are tighter in patrolling and fielding more personnel. The goal is to prevent KKSB from making trouble again so that conditions on Earth of Cendrawasih are safe and peaceful.

The KKSB atrocity made the public even angrier because they could shoot their siblings until they were killed. Feeling less cruel intimidation. The KKSB’s behavior is increasingly inconsequential and campaigns both in the real world and the virtual world so that more Papuan civilians support the Papuan independent organization.


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