Home Economy Support for the sustainability of Papua special autonomy, by Jeff Watimena

Support for the sustainability of Papua special autonomy, by Jeff Watimena


Jeff Watimena | Papuan Observer

Papua is one of the largest islands in Indonesia which consists of 2 provinces, Papua Province and West Papua Province. The two provinces have Special Autonomy status (OTSUS) like that of the provinces of Yogyakarta and Aceh, meaning they can make their own regulations that are different from other provinces.

Special Autonomy must still be continued, but it must be evaluated and audited for the interests and welfare of the Papuan people

Papua is synonymous with customary laws or customs that are still very strong in the daily lives of local people. Even though people who live in big cities like Jayapura or Sorong have started to adopt a modern lifestyle and leave the customary laws of Papua, people who live in the interior of the Papuan forests or native Papuan tribes, as well as rural / village communities still uphold their customary laws. . This can be seen from the fact that the unique customary law is still in effect between each of the tribes in the interior of the Papuan forests.

In this case, the role of Indigenous Peoples’ Institutions in human resource development, especially indigenous peoples, is very important, considering that the development of indigenous peoples in their respective regions is our collective responsibility.

However, until now the Indigenous Peoples Institution (LMA) has not felt the realization of the Perdasus No. 25 of 2013, article II Letter ‘e’, ​​namely: _

“Affirmative assistance funding for Religious Institutions, Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations and Women’s Groups whose budget is allocated a maximum of 6%.”

Therefore, we ask the central government directly to conduct a comprehensive audit of the use of Special Autonomy funds in Papua. So that the absorption of the Special Autonomy funds can continue, while simultaneously facilitating the Papuan people indirectly.





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