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Special Autonomy A Sign of Indonesia’s Deep Love for Papua, by Abdul Aziz


Abdul Aziz | Papuan Observer

Special autonomy in Papua and West Papua is a sign of privilege, because the conditions of Papua and West Papua are in order to equalize the acceleration of development with other regions.

This background makes these 2 Papua Provinces special. Nearly 20 years of Otsus has been running with many benefits received by the people of Papua. A sign of deep love from Indonesia, a valuable gift for the Papuan people to remain optimistic about the future of their region.

The Special Autonomy Fund which will end in 2021 will be extended again. This is a happy news for the people of Papua who are waiting for certainty of the continued progress of their region. 95.24 trillion has been received by Papua during 2002-2020. A fantastic value, from the bottom of the heart the Papuan people must be very grateful for this.

The Special Autonomy Fund that Papua receives is a joint collection of all Indonesian citizens

Their taxes are partly dedicated to supporting the progress of their fellow countrymen in Papua. We may be different colors, religious languages. But one in nationality. That is what makes all Indonesian people, from various tribes, proud of the progress of their brothers in the eastern tip of the archipelago.

There is absolutely no envy to Papua. 8 regions have applied for Special Autonomy. Bali, Surakarta, Tidore, Batam, Parahyangan area, East Kalimantan, Riau and North Sumatra. However, all these areas cannot be realized, because of government policies that will no longer add to the Special Autonomy region.

In August 2020, the Papua Regional Heads Forum Se Tabi Seireri held a meeting in Sentani which was attended by 9 regional heads. The main content of the meeting was the understanding that Otsus needs to be continued with the existence of constructive improvements.

Not only regional heads, representatives of community leaders and community figures themselves are a strengthening input. The Central Government is increasingly convinced that the extension of the Papua Special Autonomy Fund, for 20 years from 2022 – 2041 is the right step.

We all often hear the tones that Otsus will not have an impact on the Papuan people. In the end, the Papuan people who are getting smarter judge. They no longer believe the black propaganda. The issue raised by them – those who want to gain power by establishing their own country. Even though his ability to lead the people of Papua has not been proven.

Papuans are becoming increasingly confident in their love for Indonesia. Because Indonesia is proving its love through real work through progress for Papua. Construction of 10 Airports, 5 Ports, Trans Papua Road, Holtekamp Bridge, Development in the Arfak Mountains, Water Bus Transportation in Jayapura and others are indisputable proofs that Indonesia has provided.

The special autonomy funds received by Papuans if calculated per capita amounted to 14.2 million Rupiah per Papuan citizen. This is 4 times more than the per capita fund received by Java, which is only 4 million Rupiah. That is the special thing about Papua for all of Indonesia. In 20 years we will witness history. The hard work with the sincere direction of today will make Papua progress in line with Jakarta in the future.



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