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Establish OPM as a Terrorist Organization in an Effort to Ensure the Success of Otsus Papua, by Winston Moses


Winston Moses| Papuan Observer

On January 22, 2021, the Free Papua Organization (OPM) again carried out its terror action by shooting at TNI Soldiers from Yonif R 400 / BR. As a result of the shootout, two TNI soldiers, Pratu Roy Vebrianto and Pratu Dedi Hamdani, died.

Head of Information for the Joint Defense Areas Command (Kogabwilhan) III Colonel Czi IGN Suriastawa said that Pratu Roy was even shot blindly by the KKB after carrying out the morning prayers at Titigi Post Yonif Raider 400 / BR in Titigi Village, Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua.

Meanwhile, Pratu Dedi Hamdani from the Hitadipa Post, was shot while pursuing the KKB. According to him, the victim was also shot blindly from a height in the forest located between Kampung Sugapa Lama and Kampung Hitadipa.

The continuation of the security disturbances caused by the OPM shows the need for a firm stance by the Government, one of which is by changing the status of the OPM to a terrorist organization, because it has committed terror against the public many times.

Papua is a region that is gifted with great natural wealth and mining products by God. Unfortunately this Papuan specialty makes many parties want to take it from Indonesia. They use OPM to create the Federal Republic of West Papua. When successful, they will extract wealth secretly and manipulate the helpless people.

Apart from carrying out a separatist movement, the OPM has also committed atrocities in various ways, from shooting to arson. It is not surprising that Efriza, Executive Director of the Center for Humanitarian Studies and Development, asked the government to designate the OPM as a terrorist organization. Because they always carry out astonishing acts of terror.


“OPM always acts like a terrorist. There have been many victims who have fallen as a result of his acts of terror, ranging from security forces, immigrants, to civilians.”


There are almost countless atrocities committed by the OPM. Starting from killing civilians for no reason and accusing the perpetrators of being the security forces, shooting at a car belonging to the TNI, to using his or her ethnic group as “life shields” when carrying out attacks. Before the shooting of the security forces, they even recently burned a missionary plane in Intan Jaya.

According to Efriza, apart from committing terrorism, OPM also rejects the extension of special autonomy. Therefore they continue to terrorize, in order to show their prowess in front of the apparatus, who are the representatives of the central government. The goal is to cancel volume 2 of special autonomy because it could interfere with Papuan independence.

In fact, the special autonomy program is very good because it provides infrastructure and other facilities to Papua. In Bumi Cendrawasih there is Sentani International Airport, Youtefa Bridge which is planned to be connected to the sea highway, and others. So that people’s lives will be more advanced.

If the OPM is categorized as a terrorist organization, the handling will be assisted by the BNPT (Counter-Terrorism Agency). So that the search for their hiding places will be more structured and the dissolution will be carried out quickly. BNPT will work quickly and carry out OPM eradication missions with the right target.


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