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Save the Lives of Two Papuan Children, Indonesian Soldiers Appreciated by Papuan Figures, by Xeraphine Siwi

TNI Soldiers Save the Lives of 2 Papuan Children at the Post; source:tifacendrawasih.com

Xeraphine Siwi (Writer/Papua Observer)

Indonesian soldiers save the lives of two Papuan children who have contracted malaria.

It is known that the two young children named Anis Saleman, 10 years old and Suhun Diki, 6 years old. The two children were seen being treated with emergency medical equipment at the TNI post. The commander of the RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force, Raider 413 Mechanic Yonif, Major Inf Anggun Wuriyanto said that the two children were being cared for by the TNI health team at the post because the community health service center was very far away. Meanwhile, the two children had to get serious medical treatment. Because from the results of the rapid diagnosis test (RDT), they are diagnosed with malaria, if it is handled too late it can lead to death.

Hearing this, a Young Papuan Figure, Steve Mara, admitted that he was amazed to see the fast movement of the TNI which immediately took action to first aid the two children.

“What the Soldiers did to these two Papuan children made me very proud and touched me because malaria is so feared in Papua. If we look at the trend of malaria in Papua, every year there are always thousands of Papuans who die from malaria. The soldier must be given an award because they have done their job so well, namely protecting all Indonesian citizens “. Steve said.

Steve Mara continued, The service of the soldiers, who are at the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border post, is very good and deserves to be appreciated by the Army Chief of Staff and the TNI Commander because they are the face of the Indonesian National Army in society. I hope that the Head of the Unit, even the TNI Commander, should pay tribute to the soldiers who served in this border area, and succeed in taking commendable actions so that the soldiers will be more enthusiastic in their duties.

Steve Mara, Chair of the Papua LIRA Youth; source:watyutink.com

Steve Mara, who holds the title of Master of Defense, also said that the soldiers who served in Papua, especially in the inner region, were mostly non-organic soldiers or soldiers from special battalions to help protect Papua from threats, challenges, obstacles and disturbances.

Soldiers must be given an award, pay attention to the welfare of their families, side dishes for Soldiers who serve in Papua must be added, equipment equipment used in the field must be considered, and extra psychological training for non-organic soldiers must be given, namely training to get to know the psychology and culture of the local community so that soldiers are calm in carrying out their duties and dedication to the nation and country,” added Steve Mara.


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