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Traditional Leaders in Papua Support the Sustainability of Special Autonomy, by Balmino Enoch


Balmino Enoch | Papuan People

Traditional leaders in the coastal and mountainous areas of Papua asked the government to continue the special autonomy (special autonomy) in Cenderawasih Earth. Special autonomy is claimed to increase development in Papua.

Papua special autonomy is a special authority recognized and granted by the state, through Law number 21/2001.

So far, the special autonomy budget disbursed by the central government from 2000-2020 continues to increase and is focused on 4 priority programs, namely education, health, infrastructure, and community economic empowerment.

Examples of the success of special autonomy in Papua have been many, such as in the field of education, there are thousands of indigenous Papuan children sent to schools abroad, whether sent to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands and America and various other countries – Papuan Ondonafi

Special autonomy also improves infrastructure, for example in transportation facilities in the land, sea and air transportation sector such as the construction of 6 airports in Papua Province, namely Ewer Airport, Kepi Airport, Ilaga Airport, Oksibil Airport to New Nabire Airport and Mopah Airport in Merauke, as well as airport improvements. Sentani.

The 1,071 kilometer Trans Papua road has been connected and its condition continues to be improved. Currently the Trans Papua road is asphalt along 743 kilometers and the rest is still hardening the ground.

The Trans Papua road has proven to be of benefit to the people’s welfare with the lower prices of staple goods, due to road connectivity.

In order for its implementation to be more useful, special autonomy must be evaluated and continued, so that it can be felt by all Papuan people and generate prosperity for the community.


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