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Papua High Prosecutor’s Office Investigates Misuse of Papua Special Autonomy Funds Worth 4 Billion, by Nikolas  F.


Nikolas  F. | Papuan Observer

The head of the Papuan High Prosecutor’s Office, Nikolaus Kondomo, said that the Papua High Prosecutor’s Office was investigating the alleged misuse of the Rp 4 billion special autonomy fund. The budget is available at the Papua Province Education, Libraries and Regional Archives Office for the 2020 budget year.

Nikolaus explained, the use of these billions of funds was not accompanied by an accountability report. In fact, activities that are claimed to use the budget are not listed in the 2020 budget implementation list (DPA).


“The mode in this case is the use of a budget that is not in accordance with the type of activity and the absence of an accountability report.”


According to Nikolaus, the Papuan Attorney General’s Office investigated 18 people related to the case. As many as 18 of these people are officials related to the Regional Education, Libraries and Archives Office of Papua Province.

The investigation of this case is ongoing to reveal the parties involved. According to the plan, the Papua Attorney General’s Office will determine the suspect next month.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri emphasized that his party would coordinate with local governments to oversee the use of special autonomy funds. The goal is that the budget is right on target and has a positive impact on the development of Papua.

The Papua Regional Police’s Special Criminal Investigation Directorate managed to save Rp. 13.1 billion in state losses from the special autonomy budget throughout 2020. Polda Papua is ranked seventh out of all Polda in Indonesia from this achievement.

Meanwhile, the National Police Chief has also issued an order to oversee the use of budgets in Papua. Therefore, Polda Papuan will also process the law of the parties proven to have misused the special autonomy budget.

Director of Papua Anti Corruption Investigation, Anthon Raharusun, is of the opinion that law enforcement officers, the prosecutor’s office and the police, must be serious and firm in handling corruption cases in the midst of a pandemic.

There should be no neglect of corruption cases in the midst of a pandemic. This is because this case occurred amidst conditions that the state had to spend a large budget for handling Covid-19.




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