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Papua is the Integral Part of the Republic of Indonesia, by Moses W.

Papuans Love Indonesia (source: minews.id)

Moses W. | Papuan Observers/Former Jurnalist

Papua and West Papua are two provinces located in the easternmost part of Indonesia. One unity with Indonesia so that no party can separate the land between Papua and the Republic of IndonesiaI. People in Papua are also proud to be Indonesian citizens and they trust the government more than the seduction of separatist groups..

Indonesia has an area that stretches from Sabang to Merauke. As a country consisting of thousands of islands, the government tries to advance every region in the Republic of Indonesia. So that all people feel equal justice, because as Indonesian citizens, they have the right to progress. This includes Papuans who are being cared for by the central government.

If viewed from its history, Papua is a region in Indonesia that only joined after the pepera (determination of people’s opinion) in 1969. Even though it entered later, it is still part of Indonesia. Because it has also been recognized by international law. When there was a former Dutch colony in Indonesia, the territory belonged to Indonesia.

But unfortunately there are separatist groups who do not agree with the results of the war, and demand Papua to be independent. Even in early December 2020, Benny Wenda, leader of the ULMWP separatist group abroad, inaugurated Papuan independence and appointed himself president. He just wanted to go viral, but it turned out that many parties, including Papuans and internal separatist groups, mocked him because he was no longer an Indonesian citizen.

The number of separatist groups is only a fraction of the Papuan civilians. It was very strange when they did not recognize the results of the 1969 Pepera, for more than 30 years. Even if you didn’t agree, why didn’t you immediately protest to the President at that time?

In fact, if you read a history book, in 1928 there were 2 youths from Bumi Cendrawasih, who attended the youth oath declaration. They represent Jong Papua and want to join Indonesia and unite for the sake of advancing NKRI. So why ask to separate? The reasons for liberating Papua are also illogical, because they are asking for justice.

What kind of justice is expected? Because as part of Indonesia, Papua is also built to become a developed region. So that there is no difference that is too far between modernity in western and eastern Indonesia. In fact, since 2001, the Papua region has been given privileges in the form of special autonomy.

Special Autonomy is evidence that Papua is a region that is being watched by the central government. Because local governments are given the authority to regulate and promote their own regions, of course with financial support from the central government. Even the requirements to become governor and mayor in Papua, must be native Papuans.

People in papua and West Papua, are also very proud to be Indonesian citizens. Papuan elements of love for the Republic of Indonesia held a peaceful demonstration and declared that they loved Indonesia, and did not want to be influenced by the machinations of separatist groups. They appealed to all Papuans to unite to protect the homeland and not be afraid of anyone who destroys peace in Indonesia.

If indigenous Papuans, whether in Papua, or in other areas or abroad, have expressed their love for the Republic of Indonesia, why do the separatists continue to survive? It is fixed that Papua is part of Indonesia, and the people there are proud to be Indonesian citizens. There is no need to aspire to liberating Papua or to form the Federal Republic of West Papua, because there is very little support.

As part of Indonesia, Papua has an authority called special autonomy. Apart from being given special privileges, the Ppaua, also called the Earth of Cendrawasih, was also given the rapid development of infrastructure and human resources. With progress in almost all fields, Papuan civilians are increasingly proud to be Indonesian citizens. ()


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