Home Security End Violence in Papua by Separatist Groups, by Timothy Matiwena

End Violence in Papua by Separatist Groups, by Timothy Matiwena


Timothy Matiwena | Chancellor of the College of Philosophy

The violence that occurred in Papua was very complex. Information is needed so that all parties do not think who made Papua an area with a myriad of cases of violence.

Starting from the obsession of a group of people who have an interest in Papua, who use and exploit the Papuan people to achieve their goals and targets.

Sadly, this group of people are native Papuans who oppress their own brothers. Yes! They are the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) guerrilla in the forest, Papuan resistance groups that are now united in the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) which is active in conducting diplomatic activities abroad, and the West Papua National Committee. (KNPB) which is active in extorting the community for the benefit of its group.

“Papua can be peaceful if separatist groups and armed criminals in Papua disappear from the land of Papua”

The cases of violence were quite diverse, ranging from looting, robbery, robbery with violence, beatings, stabbing and shooting. It is no longer a secret, these groups have a variety of weapons, both sharp weapons, arrows and firearms.

There have been dozens of cases of violence committed by these groups, the victims of these groups besides the community as well as the security forces. The modus operandi of these groups is to threaten and create a security situation so that afterward they ask for compensation from the community and companies in the form of money, so that they stop these disturbances.

The Papuan people are very grateful that the security forces are focused and serious about maintaining security stability in Papua, because if not, Papua will become an area with a myriad of cases of violence, there will be no welfare and there will be no balance. Papua will never go forward in the shadow of Separatism.



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