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Papua Special Autonomy Encourages the Progress and Welfare of the Papuan People, by Rico Kustia


Rico Kustia | Papuan Observer

Almost all people and figures who are indigenous Papuans accept government policies related to the Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) and the formation of the New Autonomous Region (DOB). Only a small proportion reject the program. This was conveyed by Putra from the legend of the Papuan freedom fighter Theys Hiyo Eluay, Yanto Eluay in Jayapura-Papua.

Yanto Eluay said that almost all Papuans support Otsus to keep going with the need for evaluation. Otsus and DOB are government programs and there are already working teams in each region in Papua. Our attitude fully supports this program, especially Otsus, but it must be evaluated.

According to him, there is news circulating that there are elements of society who reject Otsus and DOB, this cannot be generalized. Their voices do not represent Papuan society as a whole.


“Almost all of the Papuan people support it, because they want to move forward. As with Otsus, many still want to continue so that the Papuan people can be more prosperous”


Meanwhile, a Papuan community leader, Rev. Albert Yoku, asked for law enforcement for local government officials who used the special autonomy fund.

Albert Yoku, as part of the Papuan expansion team, said that his party hopes that there will be law enforcement in Papua, especially government officials in the regions and all that is used by the Special Autonomy funds.

According to Albert Otsus is a great blessing from the central government for indigenous Papuans. If this is used properly, of course it will be a blessing, especially in the education, health and economic sectors.

In addition, the head of the Papuan Evangelical Christian Church (PW GKI) women’s association, Dorince Mehue, asked the central government to evaluate the use and management of the special autonomy fund from 2002 to the present.

Dorince revealed that this Otsus was a blessing from God through the central government but was abused by a number of people. According to Dorince, the central government needs to promote a joint evaluation with the Papuan and West Papua People’s Assembly, including the gaps between the remaining customary territories.

Not only that, Ali Kabiay, one of the Papuan youth leaders, conveyed the same thing that Otsus must be audited and evaluated thoroughly. That way we can see the drawbacks later.

These various supports prove that the Papuan people are very supportive of the sustainability of the Papua Special Autonomy. However, not only hope for the sustainability of Otsus, the Papuan people also ask for a tighter evaluation and supervision regarding the extension of Otsus, so that it can be of real benefit.


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