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Ensuring the Upholding of Special Authorities through the Revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law, by Tamara E.


Tamara E. | Papuan Observer

Chairman of Committee I DPD RI Fachrul Razi led the Papua Special Autonomy Team Visit in the context of the revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law. The revision is expected to be able to guarantee the upholding of special powers within the framework of Special Autonomy.

The authority of Otsus has no clear boundaries for the Provincial Government to support All Regional Policies in Accordance with Otsus Objectives. In addition, the problem of overlapping laws and government regulations issued through the Ministry of Institutions does not support the Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua and West Papua.

As we all know, the Government has taken the initiative to make amendments to the Papua Special Autonomy Law through a Presidential Letter which was copied to the DPD RI on December 4, 2020 in the context of discussing the Draft Law on the Second Amendment to Law Number 21 of 2001 regarding Special Autonomy for Papua Province. In the letter numbered R-47 / Pres / 12/2020, it is emphasized that the discussion of this bill is a top priority to be discussed and ratified together.

Whereas, Committee I was assigned to formulate a view on the Draft Bill on the Second Amendment to Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Papua Province. Committee I has formed a Working Team that will discuss the views on the draft Bill and will be actively involved in the discussion of the Bill on a tripartite basis with the DPR RI and the Government.

“Limited revision is only the new seeds of conflict in Papua, without a comprehensive revision, will not provide a comprehensive solution to Papua”

The revision of the Papua Special Autonomy should guarantee the authority of Papua, the existence of local political parties, the existence of the National Commission on Human Rights and a TRC in Papua and a much larger budget for the Special Autonomy fund.

Meanwhile, Senator Djafar Alkirti added that in the discussion process, the Otsus Team saw the need for improvements to Law 21 of 2001. The plan to carry out this limited revision is part of the effort to provide a legal umbrella and guarantee the sustainability of the development acceleration in Papua through the Special Autonomy Fund. However, the revisions made were not limited to only three Articles as the existing draft.

Meanwhile, Senator Filep Wamafma, who comes from West Papua, emphasized the importance of justice as the core of all problems that occur in Papua or West Papua. The political process continues at the national level and should pay attention to inputs from the regions, including from West Papua. With the expansion plan, the Government needs to consider the Special Autonomy Fund Allocation of 2.25% in the draft bill that has been circulating.

In his presentation, the Governor of West Papua stated the importance of dialogue and receiving input in the context of revising the Special Autonomy Law. Especially for West Papua, the enactment of the Special Autonomy Law in West Papua began in 2009. And in the context of this revision, the West Papua Regional Government has held dialogues and various meetings in order to provide input regarding the revision of the Special Autonomy Law. The meeting was also held involving the Regency / City Government, the West Papua DPR, the West Papua People’s Assembly, and the Customary Council.

The various efforts made by a number of parties related to the Revision of the Special Autonomy Law show the seriousness of the Central Government in synchronization with the Regional Government in finding the right solution in strengthening Papua’s Special Autonomy. It is hoped that with these various efforts, the revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law can give birth to a strengthening of authority in realizing efforts to improve the welfare of the Papuan people.


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