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May 1, 1963: UNTEA Affirms Papua as a Part of the Republic of Indonesia by Xeraphine M.

(source: Better Papua Community, suaratimur.id)

Xeraphine M. | Former Journalist and Social Observer

The historic day of May 1, is a day to celebrate the re-joining of Papua to Mother Earth. The May 1 commemoration is an affirmation that Papua is legally an inseparable part of the Republic of Indonesia. The Papuan people also welcome every 1 May with joy.

May 1, 1963, was the day when the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) officially handed over the territory of West Irian, now Papua, which was previously controlled by the Dutch to the Indonesian government.

The integration of Papua into the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia was further emphasized by the Popular Opinion Determination (PEPERA) in 1969, where the international community recognized that Papua was a legitimate part of Indonesia.

One of the Papuan figures and fighters, okoh Papuan fighter Ramses Ohee, emphasized that the history of Papua’s entry into the Republic of Indonesia was correct. The fact that the Papuan people wanted to return to Papua was recorded through the Popular Opinion Determination (Pepera), or the act of free choice, in 1969.

In fact, according to Ramses, the desire of the Papuan people to join Indonesia had emerged since the Youth Pledge, October 28, 1928. Papuan youths attended and pledged with other local youth during the Youth Pledge. Ramses’ father, Poreu Ohee, was one of the Papuan youths who attended the Indonesias Youth Pledge.

If then there are parties who distort history and deny the fact of the integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia, Ramses calls it a group with minimal history. Ramses asked the Papuan people to be grateful for the existence of the country which is a gift from God Almighty. Because the state contributes positively to the development of Papua.

A number of indigenous Papuans were immortalized in the history of the Indonesian nation, namely Frans Kaisepo immortalized as the Name of Airport in Biak & Image of Rp.10 thousand, Silas Papare immortalized as the name STISIPOL Jayapura, Marten Indey immortalized as the name RS. The TNI in Jayapura, and Johanes Abraham Dimara are symbolized as the Statue of the Liberation of West Irian in the Jakarta Banteng Square which was inaugurated by President Soekarno on 17 August 1962.

The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD said that the Indonesian government has the power of law and international recognition about Papua.

The Indonesian government is guided by the UN general assembly resolution number 2504 of 1996 concerning the determination of the people’s opinion (Pepera) Papua and West Papua are a legitimate part of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The resolution of the UN general assembly at that time did not have a single country that rejected it. All of them supported and agreed with the results of the 1969 popular opinion determination that Papua with its Paper had become a legitimate part of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Mahfud.

In addition, continued Mahfud, currently official forums at the international level also no longer discuss the issue of Papuan independence and separation from Indonesia. ()




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