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Transparency is the Key to the Success of Papua Special Autonomy, by Rebecca K.


Rebecca K. | Papuan Observer

The Regional Autonomy Monitoring Committee (KPPOD) assessed that reports on the use of Papua’s special autonomy (autonomy) funds are not yet transparent and accountable. In fact, the large special autonomy funds need governance that meets the aspects of transparency and accountability.


In addition, reports on the use of special autonomy funds that are not transparent and accountable also make it difficult to carry out evaluations. In the end, the report cannot be used as a basis for consideration in policy making.

KPPOD policy analyst, Ditha Mangiri, said that effective and transparent management of the special autonomy fund would certainly have a good impact on the Papuan economy. Based on the results of audits by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) in 2008-2019, the fundamental problems in the management of the special autonomy fund include regulations, institutionalization, and human resources. Of the 1,500 recommendations resulting from the BPK audit, 257 or 35 percent of the recommendations have not been followed up.

The not yet followed up on the results of the examination shows that there are still many problems, thus illustrating that the special autonomy objectives have not been achieved. The provision of special autonomy funds in the form of regional transfers has not been adequately managed and still creates irregularities or risks of misuse of funds that could affect the effectiveness of achieving the special autonomy objectives.

Ditha emphasized that coaching and supervision are crucial. The large special autonomy funds were left just like that without clear guidance and supervision from the central government.


“Management of special autonomy funds that is transparent and away from sectoral ego problems will improve the welfare of the Papuan people in all areas of life”


To ensure transparency in the implementation of Otsus, the Chairperson of the Special Committee for the Revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law Komarudin Watubun said that through the Revision of Law (UU) Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua it is expected to form a special supervisory body. This agency is urgently needed to ensure the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy as expected.

The politician from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI) said that so far, supervision and implementation have been carried out by many ministries / institutions. As a result, sectoral egos emerged among government agencies.

This sectoral ego makes coordination of Papua development time consuming. It is not surprising that public welfare development policies are running slowly.

Komarudin emphasized that this cannot be repeated. There must be a special agency that will be responsible for implementing and supervising the implementation of the Papua special autonomy.



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