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The Importance of Assistance and Supervision of Papua’s Special Autonomy Management, by Lena R.


Lena R. | Papuan Observer

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) emphasized the importance of assisting and supervising the governance of the local government (Pemda) in the West Papua region so that users of special autonomy funds can run optimally.

The Head of Coordination for Supervision of Prevention of Region V KPK, Dian Patria said that improving the welfare of the people in the West Papua region through improving the quality of the management of special autonomy funds so that the Regional Government must be accompanied and supervised.


“The proper management of Otsus funds has a positive impact on the welfare of the Papuan people”

He said that there were eight indicators in the coordination and supervision of the KPK to the local government, namely budget planning, PBJ, permits, APIP, ASN management, regional revenues, assets, and village funds.

For the KPK this indicator is an entry point for reading a local government. If the score is low it is usually not just a technical problem, but sectoral ego and no communication.

On the achievement of the score, he concluded, the main thing is the integrity of the leadership. So that any system that is built must be accompanied by leadership with integrity.

He said that the Monitoring Center for Prevention or MCP in 2020 on average for 14 local governments in West Papua the score was 37.40 or below the national average.

He added that one of the focuses of the KPK’s assistance in the regions with the regional government is the special autonomy fund, tax revenues considering that in Papua and West Papua the fiscal capacity is low. Not to mention the number of non-compliance by business actors.

So in terms of assisting local governments, we don’t want to be trapped in administrative matters and busy with ceremonial matters so that we forget the substantive ones. So it must be based on the facts on the ground.

What the KPK is doing will strengthen the plan to establish a special agency to oversee the implementation of Otsus Papua, which was conveyed by the Chairperson of the Special Committee for Revision of the Special Autonomy Law for Papua, Komarudin Watubun. The politician from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI) said that so far the monitoring and implementation have been carried out by many ministries/agencies. As a result, sectoral egos emerge among government institutions.

This sectoral ego makes coordination of Papua’s development time-consuming. It is not surprising that public welfare development policies are progressing slowly.

Komarudin emphasized that this should not be repeated. There must be a special agency that will later be responsible for implementing and supervising the implementation of Otsus Papua.


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