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Suspicious Transactions on the Use of Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budgets (APBD) and Special Autonomy Funds (Otsus), by Lenni S.


Lenni S. | Papuan Observer

The Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis (PPATK) reported at least 80 results of analysis of suspicious transactions related to the use of the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget and Papua’s special autonomy funds.

Reporting from Kompas.id, PPATK Head Dian Ediana Rae revealed, in the report, PPATK found at least 53 people from local government officials, community organizations, and regional government partners who were involved in suspicious transactions.

He said transactions using the APBD and special autonomy funds could potentially harm the state up to trillions of rupiah.

In addition, Dian continued, his party is also monitoring the alleged flow of funds from members of the Tolikara DPRD and the Puncak Regency Government, Papua, to finance the purchase of weapons and ammunition for the armed criminal group (KKB). The results will be submitted to law enforcement to complement findings in the field.


“Papua is indeed one of the areas that PPATK has been paying attention to for the past 10 years”


During that time, his party has submitted more than 80 reports on the results of analysis and examination of financial transactions to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the prosecutor’s office, and the police.

According to him, the inefficient use of the APBD and special autonomy funds resulted in a slow distribution of people’s welfare. Therefore, he supports the government’s decision to enforce the law against violators and apply a welfare approach to the Papuan people.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD said that the funds that flowed to KKB to buy weapons were still being tracked by the authorities. He also could not confirm whether the funds in question came from the APBD or special autonomy funds.

He emphasized that the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs always coordinates with the National Police, the Attorney General’s Office, and the KPK to take action against all law violations in Papua. The illegal use of special autonomy funds and other funds for unlawful purposes is no exception.

Regarding the illegal flow of funds, Mahfud also asked the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and PPATK to track it down. So far, there have been findings that the illegal flow of funds is related to corruption.

Previously, Mahfud said, there were 10 major corruption cases in Papua that were being investigated by law enforcement. He emphasized that all of them would be investigated, including the source of the KKB funds.

Meanwhile, previously reported, the police began to uncover the source of KKB’s funds for the purchase of weapons and ammunition. Based on information from Neson Murib, a member of the weapons supply network who was arrested by the Nemangkawi Task Force, Monday (14/6/2021), he received Rp. 370 million from members of the Tolikara DPRD to buy firearms and KKB ammunition in Timika.


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