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KST Cruel And Heinous Shoots Dead Civilians, Romario Fernandez


Romario Fernandez | Papuan Observer

Separatist groups and terrorists shot dead civilians in Papua viciously. Their actions were immediately condemned by the community, because they arbitrarily took the lives of others. KST must be eradicated immediately so that it will no longer create chaos on Earth of Cendrawasih.

KST Papua is a rebel group under the OPM. They always create chaos because they think that Papua is colonized by Indonesia and reject the results of the Act. Whereas Papua and West Papua have officially become provinces in Indonesia, both under national and international law.

“Based of KST’s brutality against the Papuan people, the determination of the KKB to become a terror group is the right step”

In early June, people in Ilaga, Puncak Regency, Papua were shocked by the action of KST members who shot a civilian. The man named Hebel Halenti died immediately when the KST members took action, around 1 pm. Even though at that time he had asked for forgiveness but received no mercy at all and finally lost his life.

The death of Hebel is certainly a regret for his family. Is it because he is an immigrant that KST doesn’t like his arrival in Papua? If so, then KST tends to be racist. Since 1945 Indonesia has had Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, and they should have accepted the large number of immigrants from other regions of the Cendrawasih Earth.

Another guess is that it was because he was a coolie that he was shot just like that? Because KST is jealous that he easily gets a job, whereas they don’t. If KST wants to evaluate, then they should have the intention to work and apply for the right job, not unclear opponents with OPM who have a bleak future.

The sad news came again when the next day a village head in Nipurlema, Eromaga, Puncak Papua also became a victim of the KKB shooting. Sadly, 4 members of his family were also victims. KST’s barbarity is beyond humanity’s limits because they use firearms arbitrarily.

KST’s atrocities certainly made the public even more furious, because they seemed to have a hobby of threatening and shooting innocent civilians. Whereas as ordinary people, they certainly do not have a machete let alone a gun to protect themselves. So when he was shot he couldn’t fight or

protect himself and he died tragically.

The community fully supports the steps taken by the authorities to arrest KST so that no one else threatens the security of civilians in Papua. Because if left unchecked, it will spread everywhere. People with immigrant status will be afraid to move outside the home, because they are worried that they will become the next target of KST members. In addition, people from outside Papua are also afraid to work there.

Whereas if there are no immigrants, it will be chaotic. They are still needed to support projects such as the Trans Papua Road. If the project stalls due to a shortage of workers, then the community will suffer the loss.

In addition, KST is certainly worrying because it always slanders civilians with the excuse that they are intelligence officers. In fact, the accusation is wrong, because the person’s status is just an ordinary person, not an officer disguised in plain clothes. However, the civilians immediately had bad luck because without the pigs, the KST members immediately pushed them away.

The community wants KST to be immediately arrested and disbanded. Because they are increasingly disturbing and destroying the image of Papua, it seems that the Earth of Cendrawasih is not safe. Whereas in reality it is fine and conflicts with KST only exist in vulnerable areas, such as in Puncak Regency.

The existence of KST is highly avoided by the community because they always threaten with firearms. KST must be eradicated by the apparatus to its roots, so that the security of civilians is always maintained.



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