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Security Forces and People Synergize to Destroy KST Papua, by Ignatius Mattew


Ignatius Mattew | Papuan Observer

The crackdown on members of the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) in Papua continues to be carried out by the authorities, because their behavior is getting more and more crazy. After burning down schools and killing teachers, KST members had the heart to kill migrant civilians and the village head. Their savagery has made KST leaders turned into DPOs and the community hopes that they will be caught soon. Civilians are also working together so that KST is quickly arrested.

During the administration of President Jokowi, development in Papua was really fast. After the Youtefa bridge, there is also the Trans Papua Road and various other infrastructures. All of this is for the welfare of the people of the Earth of Cendrawasih and to avoid inequality in progress between western and eastern Indonesia.

Unfortunately, development in Papua is threatened by the existence of KST, which used to be called KKB. This separatist group was caught several times interfering with the construction process on the Trans Papua Road, so it had to be closely guarded by the authorities.

In addition, KST also carried out other terrors in Papua, which could also hinder the development of public intelligence. KST members under the leadership of Sabius Walker were caught burning the school building, and they also had the heart to kill 2 teachers. KST’s behavior really wants to plunge Papuan children, because they can fail to study, when there are no teachers and places to study.

“The eradication of KST should be the main focus for officials on duty in Papua”

KST also makes Papua’s image ugly, because it is synonymous with conflict-prone and terrible areas. So that local and foreign tourists will be afraid to travel there. Whereas on Earth of Cendrawasih there are hidden gems in the form of Raja Ampat, Puncak Jayawijaya, and several other beautiful and potential tourist attractions.

If Papua is deserted because tourists are afraid to visit, it will affect the income of the regional governments of Papua and West Papua Provinces. Because the income from the tourism sector is reduced due to lack of enthusiasts. All of this because KST indirectly humiliated indigenous Papuans.

Therefore, the eradication of KST should be the main focus for officials on duty in Papua. After the Nemangkawi Task Force was formed which consisted of a combination of members of the TNI and Polri, they immediately moved quickly to eradicate KST down to its headquarters. The goal is that members of this terrorist organization are quickly caught.

The officers also exchanged fire with KST members in the airport area, on June 4, 2021. This gun battle was carried out after they had the heart to kill a village head and 4 members of his family. There is no further information about this incident because it is still not finished.

The public is very sad at the actions of KST members who continue to commit atrocities, as if addicted to killing other people. Even though a village head must have the status of a native Papuan, but they have the heart to shoot their own tribesmen. How barbaric.

Apart from the apparatus, civilians also worked together to crush KST. They are synergistic and compact so that the terrorist organization is quickly disbanded. The Melanesian Clan community expressed their support for the authorities to continue to eradicate KST, because they continue to disturb the community.

Apart from Papuan youth, women and other elements of society also support the eradication of KST. They immediately provide information when there is suspicious activity, so that when there is a threat from KST, the authorities will prevent it. In addition, civilians were also united in not wanting to cooperate or hiding KST members from being chased by the authorities.

When there is synergy from the community and the apparatus, we are optimistic that KST will soon be disbanded. Because civilians understand the intricacies of the Papua region and become informants for the apparatus, when they conduct searches to find the KST headquarters. Hopefully KST will be suppressed soon so as not to disturb the public.




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