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Terrorist Separatist Group, Source of Conflict for the Papuan Community, by Rokky Romario


Rokky Romario | Papuan Observer

Conflicts in Papua often leave wounds and casualties . The heinous action carried out by the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) , seems to be a source of conflict for the people of Cenderawasih Earth.

Bambang Soesatyo as the Chair of the MPR stated that his party continues to support the government together with the TNI-Polri and BIN to take appropriate steps to overcome the conflict in Papua. He asked the government not to hesitate to take action against the armed criminal group (KKB).

According to Bamsoet, this government action is in accordance with Law Number 5 of 2018 concerning the Crime of Terrorism. Because the government has designated the KKB as a terrorist group.

The MPR also agreed with the government to improve the performance of intelligence so that techniques and methods can be identified to thoroughly address the issue of security disturbances in Papua.

In addition, the MPR also asked the government and TNI-Polri officers to commit to continue processing or taking action against KKB whose status has been upgraded to become terrorist separatists firmly.

On a different occasion, Torius Tabuni as a Papua observer assessed that the conflict in Papua had been prolonged and was getting wider from the core of the problem.

Torius assures, in real life, that the situation in Papua is not as disturbing as what the separatists claim.

He also stated that separatist groups in Papua have begun to explore two vulnerable sectors, namely the armed struggle and the political sphere.

In fact, he added, the dynamics that occur in Papua stem from the existence and threat of the separatist group itself.

In Torius’ study, various separatist groups are always looking for the negligence of the apparatus to carry out terror.

“The Papuan conflict was not caused by the low level of education or factors of the Papuan people, but rather caused by separatist groups”

The terrorist and separatist groups tried to disturb him by shooting so that when there was action, the issue of human rights violations began to be raised.

In the eyes of Torius, the Papuan conflict can be resolved by separatist groups so as not to interfere.

The reason is that any development and progress that appears in Papua will be countered by negative assumptions that are continuously being exploited by separatist groups.

On a different occasion, the Head of the National Police Security Intelligence Agency (Kabaintelkam) Komjen Pol Paulus Waterpauw stated that the acts of violence and terror acts carried out by the KKB in Papua were horrific. This is what underlies the government to label KKB as a terrorist.

Paul said that KKB’s actions were terrible. The crimes committed by the KKB were not only directed at the security forces but also targeted civilians, health workers, educators and the burning or destruction of a number of public facilities.

In May 2021, KKB also acted by burning public facilities, such as teacher housing, puskesmas, and school buildings in several areas of Puncak Regency, Papua Province.

The destruction of public facilities built by the government of course has shown that the KKB has declared war on the government.

On a different occasion, the Papuan Police Chief, Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri, said that there had been a shootout.

At the time of the incident, security forces in Ilaga City saw thick smoke billowing from the direction of Aminggaru Airport. Furthermore, monitoring was carried out using drones and several airport facilities were found to be on fire.

Fakhiri said joint security forces had headed to the scene, until finally there was a gun battle for 1 hour.

In addition, KKB also killed Abel Halenti, where Abel Halenti was declared dead from a shot in the back of the neck. At that time Abel was with his colleague Muhammad Alif who was known to have survived the KKB attack.

Alif said that Abel Halenti had begged for forgiveness so that he would not be killed by KKB members. But Abel was still attacked until there was a gunshot wound to his neck.

The attack carried out by the KKB certainly poses a serious threat to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and the development program in Papua which is being promoted by the government.

Until then, Papua and West Papua will be part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, so that the territorial integrity of Indonesia must be maintained, lest anyone undermine the integrity of the Indonesian nation, especially by spreading terror and threatening security.




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