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Papua’s Special Autonomy Is a Proof of the Government’s Serious Attention, by Derry K.


Derry K. | Papuan Observer

Otsus is actually intended to improve the welfare of the Papuan people, so it is appropriate for the Papuan people to support the sustainability of Otsus Volume 2 in the Land of Papua. So far, Otsus has succeeded in raising the status of Papuan Indigenous People (OAP) through specialties which make it easier for Papuan people to get education and health as well as improve the community’s economic standard.

On the other hand, the Special Autonomy funds are used to accelerate development in Papua, including financing the XX National Sports Week (PON) which will be held in Papua in 2021. Special autonomy funds are also channeled for scholarships, so that Papuan children can go to school and even study at home and even abroad. The various benefits of the Papua Autonomy Fund are felt and can certainly stimulate progress on various fronts.

“Papuan people and students must understand the urgency and benefits of Otsus in a broad and comprehensive manner, so that there is no misappropriation of information and hoaxes related to Otsus Papua.”

A lot of hoax information will have a negative impact on the sustainability of Otsus, such as delays in development and disbursement of funds not being properly distributed to beneficiaries.

Individuals who politicize the issue of Special Autonomy in Papua for their personal interests must be dealt with immediately and given strict sanctions. The central government’s goal is to launch Otsus Papua Volume 2 so that progress and improvement of the quality of the Papuan people can be achieved. Therefore, for the sake of realizing the acceleration of development in Papua, strict monitoring also needs to be carried out.

Meanwhile, Otsus is also a solution for the welfare of the people in Papua. Otsus is a form of the central government’s concern for Papua for the welfare of the people. Otsus is also a solution for the development of various sectors of community welfare, so as to boost the progress and prosperity of Papua.

Indigenous Papuans must not turn a blind eye to the various development achievements through Otsus. So with Otsus Volume 2 it is hoped that the sustainability of development and welfare in Papua will be maximized and even better.

Furthermore, the synergy between the central and local governments must also continue to improve the quality of public services in order to improve the welfare of the people throughout Indonesia. The government’s commitment is realized through the Second Amendment Bill to Law (UU) No. 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua which was approved by the DPR at the Plenary Meeting, Thursday (15/07).

This bill revises 19 articles of the Papua Special Autonomy Law. A total of three articles were proposed by the government and 16 articles were not proposed by the government. One of the points that was changed relates to the amount of the Papua Special Autonomy Fund from 2 percent to 2.25 percent of the general allocation fund (DAU). This change is expected to provide optimal, fair and accountable benefits for the acceleration of Papua’s development.

The regulation also discusses extending the receipt of the Special Autonomy Fund for 20 years until 2041. This extension is proof of the partiality of the Government and the DPR in accelerating development and efforts to improve the welfare of the people in the Papua region.


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