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Support for Prosperous Papua Without KST, by Robert Sorosoa


Robert Sorosoa | Papuan Student

In advancing the land of Papua, both the central government and the Papua Regional Government have tried to realize a better development of Papua, such as rearranging the government, including building good governance, clean, and authoritative (good governance) at all levels and levels. Serious efforts to improve the welfare of the Papuan people in a fair and equitable manner for all, with emphasis on the people living in rural and remote areas, as well as the poor in urban areas.

Subsequent efforts made by the government in advancing Papua, namely increasing and accelerating the development of basic infrastructure (infrastructure) throughout Papua, including: transportation/transportation infrastructure in order to build an integrated transportation network (land, sea and air), availability of clean water, availability of energy and the availability of sufficient and adequate telecommunications systems for all citizens.

One of the other ideas in developing the economy of underdeveloped regions is regional expansion, which is a way for a region to develop its economy by expanding its territory and continuously building infrastructure whose funding is different from other developed regions.

Through regional expansion, the funds used to develop the region are much higher so that more and more infrastructure is built. However, it is also necessary to watch out and pay close attention, because the flow of funds disbursed by the central government is quite large, so it is not uncommon for Otsus and regional expansion to be easy projects for unscrupulous officials.

Therefore, the Indonesian people, especially the Papuan people as good citizens, must support and help change in their own regions, by guarding the government’s efforts in developing underdeveloped regions in Indonesia for the welfare of all people by strictly punishing officials who corrupt Otsus funds and regional expansion. .

Not only that, the existence of terror from the Separatist and Terrorist Group Movement (KST) in Papua has threatened to hinder several central government programs for Papua. KST began to play racist and threaten the safety of the immigrant community. Therefore, they must be arrested quickly, because they have raised the flag of war.

“KST must be severely punished because he has committed many crimes, ranging from buying firearms illegally, shooting civilians, to killing security officers”

It’s time for all parties to jointly advance Papua by supporting government programs for Papua. The community can also channel ideas/ideas for Papua’s development through the local government or the central government, so that it can help accelerate the progress of the Land of Papua.

Meanwhile, facing the Papuan independence movement and the threat of disintegration of the nation and state, the only weapon for the government is to increase development in all fields and create an atmosphere of security and peace in Papua.


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