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The Community Appreciates the Firm Actions Against The Separatist Terrorist Group in Papua, by Aristyo Darmawan


Aristyo Darmawan | Papuan Observe

Separatist and terrorist groups (KST) were dealt with firmly by the authorities, but this was appreciated by the community. This is because they have injured too many civilians and members of the TNI who are on guard. So if there is a measurable decisive action, it is permissible.

Papua is currently famous for several things: tourism, natural nature, and agricultural products. However, there is one negative thing that made the name Bumi Cendrawasih rise in the media, namely OPM and KST. They are united in wanting independence from Indonesia and do not believe in the results of the pepera (the determination of the people’s opinion), even though this incident happened decades ago.

“The brutality carried out by KST disrupts the lives of the Papuan people, labeling terrorists is the right step”

To expedite the action, KST deliberately made a riot, both ahead of the OPM anniversary on December 1, or on other days. They have done almost countless tragic events. Starting from burning planes, using civilians as life shields, killing immigrants , to shooting at the officers with snipers .

The behavior of minus KST is still being added to by burning schools and killing students and teachers. This is far beyond humanity, because apart from taking the lives of innocent people, it also destroys the future of Papuan children. How can they study comfortably if the place and the teacher are not there? It’s the same as letting Papuans struggle with backwardness, sadly.

The officers acted decisively when they attacked the KST headquarters in the Puncak Regency area. Even though they haven’t caught some of their top DPO leaders, such as Sabius Walker and Lekagak Telenggen, the maneuvers of the Nemangkawi Task Force have frightened KST. They ran to another base and hid so as not to get hit by the bullet vomit.

When there is an operation to arrest KST members, the community supports 100%. They don’t mind it, because even though KST is both Papuan, his behavior has harmed the civilians on Earth of Cendrawasih. They also damage public facilities and make people feel afraid and feel uncomfortable when doing activities outside the home.

The community also supports when the apparatus takes decisive and measurable actions against KST members. The reason is, they have been included in the people’s search list so it is natural when there is bullet vomit that is launched. Not only to immobilize the legs but also other parts.

Moreover, decisive, measured actions have also been allowed by the President. With a note that it must be in accordance with human rights, and TNI soldiers must understand it. They must obey the President’s orders and continue to help the community in efforts to eradicate KST.

This action is allowed because so far KST has repeatedly disturbed the community, and they are traumatized when members of a separatist group pass by. Because usually KST forces them to fly the Morning Star flag, scare them with sharp weapons, and even suspect civilians.

People are always suspected of being police intelligence, so KST often shoots them indiscriminately. It’s just a vile slander. In reality, KST is paranoid and always overreacts.

Therefore, the community always supports the apparatus to eradicate KST, by becoming an informant. If there is something suspicious, you can immediately call the TNI headquarters for follow-up .

In addition, the community also helps with campaigns in cyberspace. On social media accounts it was shown that KST was guilty and there were no human rights violations at all by aparat. Papua is even more secure thanks to the guard from the TNI and Polri.

The government’s firm action against armed separatist groups is strongly supported by the community. Because KST is already too often undermines peace in Papua and even presumptuous mengut us sniper to kill officers. Their behavior that is out of bounds must be repaid with super firm action.




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