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Communities and Apparatus Synergize in Destroying The Separatist Group in Papua, by Kennedy


Kennedy | Papuan Observer

The existence of the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) has made people more and more restless with the situation in Papua. The KST often carries out propaganda through local and international media, and seeks to mobilize mass mobilization and demonstrations by exploiting issues of development inequality, referendums, human rights violations, and so on.

KST’s actions can no longer be tolerated, where they often commit crimes that disturb the public, and result in fatalities.

According to Intelligence and Military Observer Susaningtyas Kertopati , he sees the separatist movement in Papua as having a very fragmented network. That is, there is no structured command and each group has its own leader. Therefore, it requires special handling in dealing with it .

The state apparatus has certainly made efforts to maintain the unity and integrity of Papua. It is proven by the news that is widely spread in the online media, that the authorities continue to optimally pursue these dangerous groups. The apparatus also focused on combing through the KST Papuan terrorist groups, then carried out a total crackdown so as not to disturb the peace of the Papuan people and prevent Papua from being divided.

In this case, cooperation between the community and the authorities is needed. With the strength of the community and the apparatus, it is hoped that there will be no more crimes that are rampant in Papua. On the other hand, this cooperation is expected to encourage the rapid and sustainable development of Papua.

“Of course, if the collaboration between the two parties is carried out optimally, the perpetrators of the crime can be immediately followed up by the security forces, so that the lives of Papuans will be more prosperous because there is no anxiety or worry in their work or activities”

It is hoped that the government and security forces will not hesitate and immediately deploy full force to crush KST in Papua in order to protect the Papuan people.


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