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The Importance of the Master Plan in the Extension of Special Autonomy, by Patrice R.


Patrice R. | Papuan Observer

Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw emphasized that one of the important aspects in the implementation of the Second Revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law is the need for a master plan that is jointly prepared by both the district/city and provincial governments by involving indigenous peoples and the central government.

The master plan for the implementation of the Special Autonomy Law is very much needed so that Papua can move even faster in efforts to improve the welfare of the community, especially the indigenous Papuans.

Mathius said that after the ratification of the Special Autonomy Law, the next step was to prepare a master plan for the implementation of Special Autonomy. This is very important and all parties must focus on discussing it, such as the provincial government, local government, customary institutions, DPRP, DPRK, MRP with the central government so that the steps for realization will become clear going forward.

According to Mathius, several mandates of the Special Autonomy Law such as education, health, infrastructure, and indigenous peoples must be seriously discussed. He said that the HR aspect, which received a large portion of 50 percent of the Special Autonomy funds, needed to be carried out with a clear program plan.

The HR aspect is very important so that in the future Papua can move faster. Not only that, aspects of infrastructure and indigenous peoples also need to be considered. This is all important. This aspect of indigenous peoples is strategic because in Papua there is no vacant land because everything is under customary control. So if we pay close attention to indigenous peoples, then other aspects will also be easy for us to do.

He advised that the polemic surrounding the Ratification of the Revision of the Special Autonomy Law should be ended because it did not bring much benefit to the Papuan people.

“The substance content of the new Special Autonomy Law is not perfect but it has been maximized with various considerations”

According to Mathius, the polemic regarding the Special Autonomy Law should be resolved, because the law has already been passed. It is better to direct energy to talk about the future, especially with the enactment of the new law. It is necessary to optimize all the potentials that exist in Papua so that this law can run effectively, especially in efforts to accelerate development in Papua and it is hoped that the problems that have been wrapped up in Papua can be resolved properly

Likewise, he hopes that the central government will consistently carry out the mandate of the Special Autonomy Law, especially on the ratification of the Perdasus that will be made in the future.



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