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Wanted List (DPO) for Members of Separatist Groups, by Immaculata


Immaculata | Papuan Observer

Several members of the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) were included in the People’s Wanted List (DPO). They were fugitives for committing grave sins, by being the masterminds in several attacks that resulted in the death of the officers. The Papuan people themselves agree to their hunting, because it has harmed and caused riots on the Earth of Cendrawasih.

“The peace in Papua was damaged by KST because they caused trouble, by shooting civilians and TNI soldiers who were on duty”

KST did it because it wanted to liberate Papua, so it looked for every way to expel the apparatus, because it was considered a representation of the Indonesian government. They also think that Papua is being colonized, but it is not.

When KST became increasingly violent by shooting the officers with snipers and even killing teachers who were actually civilians, they could not be tolerated. Finally, BNPT declared several KST leaders as fugitives, namely Murib, Egionus Kogoya, Germanius Elobo, Lekagak Telenggen, and Sabinus Walker. Especially Telenggen who became the number 1 DPO because he had a high position in KST.

Apart from Lekagak Telenggen, Sabinus Walker has also become a public concern because he and his troops burned schools and killed 2 teachers in Papua. Walker is very evil because he wants to eliminate teachers, whether for racist reasons because some are from outside Papua or for other reasons.

The community supports the determination of KST leaders to be wanted by terrorists. The reason is, their actions have crossed the line and use terrorist-style methods that are full of violence. Although there were no bombings, KST has repeatedly sparked crowds and fears of another tribal war.

KST threatens not only with psychological terror, but also with firearms. The illegal weapons were not only exhibited but also used to kill. Isn’t this how terrorists work? So it is natural that KKB was renamed to KST.


The killings committed by KST were not only carried out on members of the TNI and Polri, but also ordinary citizens. In fact, the civilians they killed were not police spies as KST had accused them of. KST is too often negative thinking and paranoid, so everyone is mistaken for a spy. When there is something suspicious, they are immediately shot without prior confirmation.

Civilians also support KST leaders being wanted as fugitives because Walker et al burned schools and killed teachers. That means they prevent Papuan children from progressing through education. How can the future of Bumi Cendrawasih shine when its people are banned from going to school? No wonder when Walker became a DPO, the people were even happier.

So, it is not true if someone says that the people in Papua support KST, because they are the ones who are antipathy to this separatist group. Civilians in Bumi Cendrawasih are very antipathetic to KST, because it always disturbs the peace and forces many people to cross into the Federal Republic of West Papua.

In fact, it is the people who are diligent in reporting when a KST member is caught ‘going down the mountain’ alias leaving their headquarters, and starting to act in the middle of the city. Civilians immediately called the nearest police station to report and prevent riots in Papua. Do not let peace be uprooted by the dirty actions of separatist and terrorist organizations.

A terrorist group not only carried out bombings, but also rioted with firearms. When KST members become fugitives from terrorists, it is considered natural because they have repeatedly committed heinous murders, and acted like terrorists. People in Papua are very supportive of the apparatus to hunt down KST, in order to create peace on the Earth of Cendrawasih.




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