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Government Takes Firm Action to Defeat KST Papua, by Romeo Lawlata


Romeo Lawlata | Papuan Observer

The government acted decisively by crushing the Papuan Separatist Group (KST) to achieve security stability in Papua. The community also supports the real efforts of the TNI/Polri, including by arresting the KST leadership.

The Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) does not tire of spreading terror and destroying Papuan peace. Apart from killing civilians, they also killed a student in Papua. This certainly cannot be tolerated, the security forces in Papua must of course crush the existence of KST so that no victims appear.

This group is indeed dangerous, KST not only scares the public with threats and propaganda, sometimes they also launch hot lead on civilians. Last April, Papua was shaken again when KST brutally murdered a student named Ali Mom. Last April. Ali was hacked and shot in the head, then KST set his motorbike on fire.

The perpetrators of the atrocity are suspected to be subordinates of the group led by Lekagak Telenggen. Suddenly, from this brutal action, Lekagak’s name was included in the BNPT’s wanted list. Ali Mom is a student at SMAN 1 Ilaga, she was killed by KST on suspicion of being a spy for the apparatus by KST members.

KST reasoned that because Ali often visited the police headquarters, the late Ali was suspected of being a spy. In fact, Ali often visits the police headquarters because he wants to ask what conditions must be met so that he can be accepted as an officer. Because his goal is to become a guardian of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. But unfortunately, his dream of becoming a civil servant could not be achieved because of KST’s cruel actions. Of course, the action was increasingly disturbing, especially since the students did not have weapons to retaliate against the KST attack. So it is certain that the actions taken by KST constitute a blatant violation of human rights.

In addition, KST also carried out acts of violence in Bingky Village, Seradala District, Yakuhimo Regency, Papua. Their brutality forced the construction of two bridges that were included in the Trans Papua road project to be stopped.

This act of terror is certainly unfortunate, because it interferes with the government’s efforts to develop Papua. The crimes committed by KST deserve to be equated with acts of terror. Because, KST’s actions used violence, threats of violence, firearms, and caused widespread fear effects in the community.

The attack that has been carried out by KST is certainly a serious threat to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and the course of the development program in Papua which is being promoted by the government. Meanwhile, the government through the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD has designated KST as a list of suspected terrorists and terrorist organizations (DTTOT). This means that the government considers that organizations and people in Papua who commit massive violence are categorized as terrorists.

Therefore, the government has also asked the TNI and Polri to take firm and measurable action to KST Papua, which is increasingly troubling. This refers to Law Number 5 of 2018 concerning the eradication of acts of terrorism. KST’s criminal traces in the past KKB seem to be unforgivable, moreover, they often act on behalf of the people to attack TNI-Polri officers. In fact, they are provoking the people to be separated from Indonesia.

Previously, the Chairperson of the Papuan Indigenous Youth, Jan Arebo, explicitly stated that the actions taken by the KKB were worthy of being called terrorists. He also recommended and supported BNPT to designate KKB as a local terrorist organization.

Jan Arebo revealed that his party gave full support to BNPT to establish the status of KKB as a local terrorist. This is because they always carry out terror, murder.

Karopenmas Div Public Relations of the Police Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono said the TNI-Polri are obliged to ensure the security of the Papuan people from the threat of terrorist groups. Rusdi said that the TNI-Polri in Papua have always tried to create security and peace. It also anticipates all forms of threats.

Meanwhile, the labeling of terrorists against the KKB is certainly not an exaggeration, given that their movement is supported by weapons that they can use for their benefit.

“The government has taken the right steps by reducing all KST efforts in Papua”

We need to understand that Law Number 5/2018 will give the government the right to prevent acts of violence committed by KST. Prevention of terror acts as regulated in Law Number 5/2018 which is divided into three, namely national preparedness, counter-radicalization and deradicalization. The government needs to be firm in dealing with KST, lest the brutality that occurred in Papua becomes a sight that is not as beautiful as the scenery in Wakatobu.





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