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Recommendations for Provision of Allocation of Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) in Papua, by Javier K.


Javier K. | Papuan Observer

The government is advised to allocate special autonomy (otsus) funds for direct cash assistance (BLT) for the people of Papua. This is expected to have a direct impact on improving welfare in the region.

Papuan People’s Assembly member Dorince Mehue said that the special autonomy funds transferred to Papua in the form of block grants should be given in the form of BLT for Papuans residing in districts/cities, villages, and villages. However, the distribution of BLT is also carried out with due regard to transparency and accountability.

The government has issued Law (UU) Number 2 of 2021 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua for the period from 2021 to 2041. Meanwhile, based on data from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) the receipt of funds in the context of special autonomy for Papua and West Papua Provinces received from 2002 to 2021 has reached Rp 146.39 trillion.

According to Dorince, the Papuan provincial government must also have validated indigenous population data. Because, he continued, this is related to all policies taken in the use of special autonomy funds in the future.

Next, in terms of governance itself, it is hoped that it will be filled by officials who have high integrity, capability, and dedication to serve the underprivileged people. In fact, also carry out all responsibilities well.

“In the implementation of Special Autonomy Volume II, it is hoped that it will be carried out responsibly or with accountability and transparency in managing funds”

Meanwhile, the Director General of Regional Autonomy at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Akmal Malik, said that the distribution of special autonomy funds has so far been hampered by problems at the implementation level. Therefore, it must be seen the problems that occur whether the norms of the rules are not perfect or their implementation has not gone well.

He said that the new PP would provide guidelines for the utilization of the special autonomy fund. So that the special autonomy funds can be right on target, namely for indigenous Papuans residing in regencies/cities, villages, and villages

With the existence of Law No. 2/2021, it is an opportunity for all parties at the central, provincial, and city districts in Papua to jointly build special autonomy with nuances that prioritize more transparent governance. Institutions that are truly open and indeed provide benefits to indigenous Papuans.


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