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The Expansion of the Papua Region to Achieve the Welfare of the Papuan People, by Rico F.


Rico F. | Papuan Observer

The government plans to expand the territory in Papua Province. The community also positively welcomed the expansion plan because it would make it easier for residents to access quality education and health.


On the occasion of the Moya Discussion Group Unity in Diversity Development (UID) webinar with the theme Health Development in Papua, Wiliem said that the characteristics of the land of Papua are different from other regions. One example, the area of ​​one district in Papua is the same as one province on the island of Java.

According to him, Papua must be handled seriously, especially in the health sector. It’s just that a number of problems in Papua are still encountered, areas close to the province still lack what about other areas.

Wiliem emphasized that limited health facilities and long distances were obstacles in health services. For this reason, one of the solutions is the expansion of the Papua region. He added that the revision of law (UU) number 21 of 2001 on Papua’s Special Autonomy (Otsus) regulates a number of aspects. Among other things, reinforce the plan for regional expansion or the provincial government (Pemprov) in Papua.


“The expansion of the Papua region is an effective solution in improving people’s welfare”


Meanwhile, Papuan observer Prof Imron Cotan supports the discourse on the expansion of the Papua region. Given the vast territory of Papua with a small population, health services are somewhat hampered. Moreover, it takes days for the people of Papua to travel to access health facilities.

It should also be noted that the education system in western Indonesia is generally better than eastern Indonesia, such as Papua. In Eastern Indonesia, there are still many children who do not have access to good schools.

Economic conditions, culture and geographical accessibility are limitations for many children in eastern Indonesia even to get basic education. There are still many people who do not care about the importance of education for children. Or, many are experiencing economic difficulties and are unable to send their children to school.

In the Easternmost Province of Indonesia, many children are forced to drop out of school because they have to work to support the family’s economy.

Conservative views in Papua, view education as unimportant and the reluctance to work causes many Papuans to leave urban areas.

Citing data from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) it shows that 30% of Papuan students do not complete their elementary and junior high schools. In rural areas, about 50% of elementary school students and 73% of junior high school students choose to drop out.

One of the factors that causes the low level of education in Papua is the geographical conditions that make it difficult for Papuans to get an education.

The chairman of the PKS DPP, Mardani Ali Sera, said that his party agreed with the plan for regional expansion in Papua and West Papua.

According to Mardani, regional expansion can trigger development in Papua. He gave an example of shouting to immediately lift the moratorium on regional expansion. West Papua is divided into 2 provinces, Papua is divided into 3 provinces, with the 5 provinces in Papua there will be many community services that can be provided, such as the construction of universities.

With the expansion of territory in Papua, it is hoped that health and education facilities will be built, Papuan people will find it easier to get health facilities, young people in Papua will also find it easier to continue their studies.


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