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Increasing the fund of Papua Special Autonomy 2022, by Richie W.


Richie W. | Papuan Observer

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in his speech on the State Budget Bill and Financial Note had mentioned the revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law (Otsus). As is known, last June the government and the DPR approved the revised Papua Special Autonomy Law.

Jokowi said that this revision brought fresh air in the implementation of special autonomy for Papua, including the special autonomy fund.


“We are sharpening the management of the Papua and West Papua Special Autonomy Fund. The enactment of Law Number 2 of 2021 brings fresh air for changes in the better management of special autonomy funds”

He said the revision also increased the Papua special autonomy data from 2% to 2.25%. Where this is followed by improved management and allocation.

The extension and increase in the amount of the Special Autonomy Fund to 2.25% of the National General Allocation Fund ceiling is accompanied by improvements and sharpening of policies in the scheme for allocation, distribution, and governance of the Special Autonomy Fund.

In the details of the 2022 RAPBN, the use of Papua’s special autonomy funds will be divided into two components, namely block grants with a value of 1% and specific grants with a value of 1.25%. The use in the form of block grants is focused on three objectives, namely development and public services, improving the welfare of indigenous Papuans (OAP) and strengthening customary institutions, as well as other needs based on regional priorities.

Meanwhile, the specific grant funds will be used for education, health and economic empowerment of the community. The government has also regulated the amount of funds used for education at least 30% and for health a minimum of 20 percent.

In addition to the budget from the DAU in the form of special autonomy funds for Papua and West Papua, the government also provides a budget for additional infrastructure funds (DTI) for Papua and West Papua of Rp 4.37 trillion. This budget is allocated for the construction of transportation infrastructure, electricity, clean water, telecommunications and environmental sanitation.

Furthermore, the provincial governments of Papua and West Papua will also receive funding transfers through the oil and gas revenue sharing fund (DBH). The government directs the use of oil and gas DBH with an earmark of 35% for education spending, 25% for health and nutrition improvement spending, 30% for infrastructure spending and 10% for spending on assistance for indigenous peoples.

This budget is also needed in alleviating poverty in Cenderawasih Earth. With this policy, President Jokowi hopes that the increase in the Special Autonomy budget can improve the welfare of the Papuan people. These efforts are expected to have a significant impact on improving the welfare of the people in the Land of Papua.


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