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Special Autonomy Card (Otsus) as a New Innovation from the Regent of Puncak Papua, by Derry T.


Derry T. | Papuan Observer

The government has again extended special autonomy (otsus) for the provinces of Papua and West Papua from 2022 to 2041. This is as stipulated in Law (UU) Number 2 of 2021 concerning the Second Amendment to Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Otsus for Papua Province which was promulgated on July 19, 2021.

With this extension, the government has re-allocated a budget for special autonomy in Papua and West Papua of Rp. 8.5 trillion in the 2022 State Budget Draft (RAPBN). This fund is 12.6% higher than in the 2021 APBN outlook of Rp. 7, 6 trillion.

The amount of the special autonomy fund also reached 2.25% of the general allocation fund (DAU) ceiling which reached Rp 378 trillion. Previously, the amount of the special autonomy fund was 2% of the DAU ceiling.

The addition of the special autonomy fund allocation was due to the large need for development costs in Papua and West Papua due to the high level of geographical difficulty. Later, the funds will be used for two policy formulations.

First, 1% of the DAU is intended for the public, such as the construction and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure for the implementation of public services, improving the welfare of indigenous Papuans (OAP), strengthening traditional institutions, and activities that are regional priorities. Second, 1.25% DAU for education is at least 30%, health is at least 20%, and community economic empowerment.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Puncak Papua, Willem Wandik, has an innovation to realize the right use of special autonomy funds (Otsus) for indigenous Papuans (OAP).

The local government will issue a card that is more like an ATM. The card will be used by OAP recipients of special autonomy funds.

“This proposal has been submitted to the central government, so that the management and distribution of the second phase of Special Autonomy funds is right on target”

He believes the use of the special autonomy card will be more measurable regarding the use of special autonomy funds for OAP for educational needs, people’s economic health and infrastructure development.

Willem said that the special autonomy card holder does not mean that he can spend anything at will. This card can be integrated with a bank or with a wholesaler or shop built by the local government.

Willem said that the special autonomy card holder must be integrated with population data, technical use, and the limit on the amount of funds used will also be regulated. So, the card cannot be used arbitrarily. There are funds that are specifically used for education, health, and even for the physical construction of their homes, as well as the economy of their families.

If this proposal is approved by the central government, then the local government only needs to build supporting facilities from the card, for example building a shop, including the government building supporting internet facilities, electricity and others.

Even if it is possible, all national programs in the form of direct cash assistance for Indonesian residents specifically in Papua can be integrated through this card so as to prevent various frauds.

If this proposal is approved, it is hoped that the community will not shout that Otsus has failed. The central government’s policy will be welcomed if the special autonomy funds can be sent directly to the district and city, unlike in the past, which had to go to the province first.


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