Home Security Papuan People Condemn KST’s Brutal Actions to Hinder Development, by Quinton Aurora

Papuan People Condemn KST’s Brutal Actions to Hinder Development, by Quinton Aurora


Quinton Aurora | Papuan Observer

The Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) is reported to have again massacred 2 Papuan civilians. The two residents are working, building a bridge on the Brazza river, Kribun Village, Dekai District, Yakuhimo Regency, Papua. The Papuan people also condemned the group’s brutal actions that hinder Papua’s development.

KST is again carrying out a brutal action. Head of the Nemangkawi Public Relations Task Force KBP Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, in his statement, confirmed the incident. Currently, the two bodies are being examined medically at the Dekai Hospital.

The case that occurred in Yahukimo’s jurisdiction also became the main concern of the joint TNI-Polri Task Force Nemangkawi. Ahmad said that the apparatus will not remain silent and will investigate thoroughly in accordance with the legal procedures for the perpetrators of the massacre of PT Indopapua workers. To members of the public who have information about KST in the Yakuhimo Region, led by Tendius Gwijangge, don’t hesitate to report to the nearest police station.

What KST did was indeed quite cruel, the group killed two civilian employees of PT Indo Papua and their bodies were found burned along with a car belonging to PT Indo Papua. The personnel of the Nemangkawi Task Force also conducted a sweep and security for the employees of PT. Indo Papuans who are still at the Kali Yegi camp, Jalan Trans Papua Dekai Yahukimo, to Kenyam Nduga.

When conducting a sweep and securing the Nemangkawi task force personnel using a Hilux car, they stopped at PT Indo Papua, to check and assist in evacuating employees’ belongings for safekeeping at the refugee camps.

After that, the joint personnel shifted to continue their journey to the TKP, while on their way to the TKP, the Nemangkawi Task Force personnel intercepted a suspicious car heading towards the city, then inspected the car and found three cellphones, which will be investigated further. continued at the Yakuhimo Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

The personnel finally continued their journey, when they arrived at the Kali Braza Bridge TKP, the group received gunfire from the hill opposite Brazza River, the Nemangkawi Task Force personnel returned fire from the Yakukimo KKB.

Precisely at the T-junction of the Trans Papua Dekai Yakuhimo-Tanah Merah road, personnel of the Nemangkawi task force were fired upon from the right, so that the Nemangkawi Task Force personnel responded with fire.

When there was no return fire from the Yakuhimo Area KKB, the personnel continued the journey 100 meters ahead, there was a tree that crossed and a Honda Blade motorcycle unit without a registration number. Then the personnel cut wood to open the road and continue the journey.

The Nemangkawi Task Force personnel arrived at Kali Bele Village to check the village at Kali Bele then the personnel continued their journey to Kali Yegi Camp.

Upon arrival at Kali Yegi, Nemangkawi personnel immediately checked the Kali Yegi Camp to look for employees of PT. Indo Papua who are still at Camp Kali Yegi, but after checking, sweeping around and sounding sirens with the intention of employees coming out of hiding, if employees hide in the forest but at camp Kali Yegi there are no employees of PT. Indo Papua.

About 500 meters from the Main Camp of PT. Indo Papua Nemangkawi Task Force personnel found the employees of PT. Indo Papuans who had saved themselves on the banks of the Braza River at a local resident’s house, then the team secured them in a vehicle and took them to the Yakuhimo Police Headquarters.

After evacuating PT. Indo Papua, then the Nemangkawi Task Force personnel moved towards the city and the personnel and workers of PT. Indo Papua arrives at the Yakuhimo Police Headquarters.

Joint personnel will continue to take firm action against groups that disrupt security stability in Papua.

“KST cannot be tolerated, they use vicious methods to separate themselves from the Republic of Indonesia”

Meanwhile Papua is preparing for the XX National Sports Week (PON) event, where the event will boost Papua’s development and move various sectors including the economy, of course security in Papua must be maintained so that KST does not disrupt the pride of Indonesia’s sporting events.



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