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Papuan Community Leaders Support the Sustainability of Papua’s Special Autonomy, by Terry L.


Terry L. | Papuan Observer

Community leaders in Jayapura Regency provide full support for the continuation of Special Autonomy (Otsus) in Papua. The Village Consultative Body (Bamuskam) of Central Koya, Muara Tami District, Rikki Wenggo is one of the parties that supports Otsus volume II. Special Autonomy needs to be supported because it is very useful for progress in Papua.

“One hundred percent support for Otsus, because we really feel the progress in Muara Tami District”

However, he hopes that the distribution of Otsus funds in the future can be more orderly and transparent. “There is no deception, although there are a few officials who use Otsus funds outside of the public interest, for that we need supervision,” he said.

He also emphasized that the Papuan people must be aware that the Otsus policy aims for the good of all people. That way, he hopes that everyone must take part in guarding and guarding so that development in Papua can continue to advance and compete with other regions in this beloved Indonesia.

The same thing was conveyed by the Head of the Moora Tribe, Donatus Sembor. He said that the central government’s attention to the people in the provinces of Papua and West Papua is very large.

“This can be seen from the acceleration of development and health facilities to support the welfare of the indigenous Papuan people”

He also hopes that the special supervisory agency assigned to oversee the use of Otsus funds can carry out their duties properly so that the distribution of Otsus funds can be more targeted.

If there is disappointment and dissatisfaction that has been raised so far, it is actually a natural thing, but the attitude that must be conveyed is not rejection but evaluation.

Secretary of the Tribal Customary Council (DAS) Moy Benhur Yaboisembut, S.Th also emphasized that Otsus must continue to improve the welfare of the people in Papua.

He said that indigenous peoples and Papuan traditional leaders, especially in Jayapura Regency, were very supportive so that Otsus would continue. However, with one note that when Otsus is reinstated, the local government must provide what the community needs.

He hopes that in the future the Otsus funds will be directly received by the community. “So don’t go through the hands of people in the local government anymore. Because so far, what the community needs are often blocked by the local government,” he said.


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