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Impact of Progress for Papua After the Extension of Special Autonomy for Papua, by Fathur P.


Fathur P. | Papuan Observer

The flow of special autonomy funds disbursed by the government to Papua has been running for almost 20 years, the special autonomy program will end in December 2021. Special autonomy in Papua so far has had many positive impacts on the progress of society in general.

“Before the implementation of Otsus, Papua experienced a lot of backwardness in terms of infrastructure, health services and the economy from other regions in Indonesia”

This has become a study and consideration by the central government on the success of Otsus so far to re-decide that Otsus volume II should be continued, however, there are pros and cons. Some say Otsus has failed, some say it will be successful, it’s just that there is no such thing. appropriate regulations in managing its management properly. However, in reality, Otsus has had a significant impact on the progress of the Papuan people.

The government has provided many conveniences both in the regulation of the law on special autonomy as well as at the same time opening up space for improvements for a better future, in the context of fighting for the improvement of welfare, justice, peace, equality of rights, and to open up developing identity, self-respect, as well as dignity as a human being.

As is the case in the field of education, many Papuan students have been financed from the Special Autonomy Fund. Then the convenience for native Papuans (OAP) who are recruited into state apparatus, namely the police & army, for the financing of which is financed by the Special Autonomy Fund, and there are many more benefits from the convenience of having Otsus which have not been disclosed to the public.

It is hoped that the sustainability of special autonomy will be able to increase the use of socialization instruments again, as in today’s modern era with the sophistication of information quickly being able to take advantage of social media. So that the use of special autonomy funds can be conveyed to the public about the importance of the various benefits of special autonomy, not to mention the impact of the benefits of special autonomy itself. In fact, the Otsus funds have been felt in the villages, districts, and communities who are very happy to receive it.

The impact of significant success encourages to be socialized. So that in the future there will be no more demonstrations or rejection of Otsus as if Otsus failed, let alone opposing groups to want to join and support the sustainability of Otsus together hand in hand to build Papua’s progress.

Therefore, he invites all elements of Papuan society, especially for the younger generation of Papua, not to be easily influenced by invitations or hoax news, political agitation from certain groups without seeing the full benefits of Otsus. The group’s activity against Otsus needs to be countered with positive Papuan news.

The most important thing is that the presence of Otsus will always have a positive impact on the Papuan people, therefore respecting all differences and being followed by a regulatory framework in terms of authority which is also different from the regions is a special form given by the central government to Papua with the existence of Otsus.


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