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Committee I DPD RI Follow-up on Material Input for Papua Special Autonomy, by Terry K.


Terry K. | Papuan Student

Committee I DPD RI held a physical audience led by the Deputy Chairperson of Committee I DPD RI Filep Wamafma who is also the Chairperson of the Special Committee for Papua DPD RI.

Audience that presents Plt. The Papua Provincial Secretary Ridwan Rumukaun and the Papua Provincial Government officials discussed regional input on the material for the Papua Autonomy RPP which was carried out openly in the Sriwijaya Meeting Room, Parliament Building, Senayan, Friday (17/9).

Filep explained that the existence of Papua cannot be separated from the long history of the founding of the Republic of Indonesia.

Considering that geographically and politically the Papua region is still lagging behind other provinces in Indonesia, special autonomy for Papua is expected to be a means of accelerating the development of various fields in Papua so that it can be in line with other regions in Indonesia.


On that occasion, Plt Sekdaprov Papua Ridwan Ruikutun expressed his appreciation for the struggles that have been carried out by the DPD, especially Committee I which has championed the proposals for the Amendment to the Papua Special Autonomy Law which were discussed during a tripartite meeting with the DPR RI and the government which gave birth to a new law, namely Law No. 2 of 2021 concerning Amendments to the Papua Special Autonomy Law.


“A special agency is needed in the management of the Papua Special Autonomy Fund, but it must not become another form that competes with the government.”


It is hoped that this special agency can be more effective in supporting regional capacity building and knowledge transfer as a learning body for Papuan Provincial Government Apparatuses for good management, coordination and supervision in a government.

Filep explained that during the discussion of the Special Autonomy Revision last year, he and Senator Yorris had conveyed and fought for this aspiration.

This is a concern for the DPD RI. When it comes to a special agency, it must be at the level of the minister, the office is based in Jakarta but below it there is a provincial representative.

Filep also informed that some time ago Committee I of the DPD had also received a proposal regarding the material for the RPP Otsus Papua from the DPRPB. He hopes that the documents submitted by the Papua Provincial Government can be valuable inputs for the government and can be synchronized during discussions.


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