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Separatist Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) are the Enemy of the State and the People, by Ricko T.


Ricko T. | Papuan Observer

Deputy Chairperson of the MPR Syarief Hasan supports the steps of the TNI/Polri to crush the rebellion by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) which has carried out terror. The KKB led by Lamek Taplo has burned the Puskesmas in Kiwirok, Papua, causing casualties among health workers.

Syarief stated that he fully supports the steps to crush the KKB which has disturbed civilians and undermined the sovereignty of the state. The genealogy of the group is terror, and will continue to do so. There is no room for dialogue with groups like this, according to him.

“The TNI/Polri should not hesitate to take complete countermeasures. KKB is the enemy of the state and the people. It should be crushed down to the roots.”

Furthermore, this senior Democrat Party politician appreciated the government for making many efforts to accelerate development in Papua and West Papua. Over the past 20 years, the government has disbursed an allocation of special autonomy funds (Otsus funds) and additional infrastructure funds (DTI) for Papua and West Papua amounting to Rp. 138.65 trillion.

This is considered an affirmative policy and development priority that explains the government’s commitment to developing Papua and West Papua, advancing and competing like other regions in Indonesia.

Therefore, said Syarief, the KKB terror act did not have an empirical basis with the Otsus and DTI funding instruments, physical and non-physical development, infrastructure and human resources should run well and quickly.

The KKB’s actions clearly show that their only aim is terror, kidnapping, murder, treason. Therefore, it is time for the TNI/Polri to redefine their duties and roles in saving civilians and defending the sovereignty of the republic.

At a time when so much Otsus and DTI funds were allocated for Papua and West Papua, acts of terror never stopped. This shows that the KKB only aims to disrupt and terrorize. If this is the case, then there is no other way for the TNI/Polri other than to take more decisive counter-terrorism efforts.

If this continues, the victims from the apparatus and civilians will continue to fall. I think this can not be allowed. KKB must be crushed down to the roots.

Syarief believes that the people of Papua and West Papua really yearn for peace, economic activity, worship, and social life in general to run safely and peacefully. What KKB has done has taken the people’s happiness away.

This heinous act of armed gangs will only hinder the development that is being promoted by the government. Military and police action in cracking down on KKB Papua and West Papua is the right step.


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