Home Security Condemns Papuan KST Attacks Against Health Workers | by Giovani Romario

Condemns Papuan KST Attacks Against Health Workers | by Giovani Romario


Giovani Romario | Papuan Observer

The Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) has carried out heinous acts against health workers. The community also condemned the mob attack because it violated human rights and was beyond humanity.

KST again acted and attacked the health workers. Two of the four health workers who survived the KST persecution in Kiwirok, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua, testified and denied KST’s accusation that one of the doctors, Dr. Restu Pamanggi, was holding a firearm.

Kristina Sampe Tonapa and Katrianti Tandilla said that the news circulating was not true, because they were all victims of acts of persecution carried out by KST.

“The attack by KST in Kiwirok is not the first time, for that law enforcement against KST must be carried out immediately”

The two health workers, who are still receiving treatment at the Marthen Indey-Jayapura Hospital, falteredly recounted the incident they experienced while confirming that it was not true that Dr. Restu was holding a weapon, because Dr. Restu was also injured.

They also said that what is happening outside is not true and it is a heinous act because we are all here to help people get health services.

His party admitted that when the arson and vandalism incident occurred, the four of them fled by jumping into a ravine near the health center. The masses, who are the Kiwirok people, followed suit with arrows and sharp weapons until they were injured.

One of the health workers, Katriana, admitted that she fell the deepest, which was about 500 meters and survived by drinking rain water for three days before being evacuated by members of the TNI-Polri. Due to the incident that happened to her, Katriana experienced extreme psychological trauma, she also admitted that she did not want to return to work in the interior. Katriana also suffered a blunt object stab wound to the thigh.

Kapendam XVII Cenderawasih Col. Arm Reza stated, apart from treating the wounds they suffered, they were also given assistance from psychologists to reduce the trauma they experienced.

Previously, Spokesperson for the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB), Sebby Sambom, considered the doctors and health workers serving in the area to work with the TNI/Polri apparatus.

Of course the attacks carried out by the Separatist Groups are proof that KST is a cowardly group and has no sense of humanity, international rules have also stated that in war, health facilities and health workers should not be attacked.The attack carried out by KST killed a health worker named Gabriela Meilani (22 years old). Gabriela herself is a health worker who works in the interior of Papua to devote her knowledge in providing assistance to people in the interior of Kiwirok.

Gabriela herself was not holding a weapon at all. She is just a woman who becomes a narahusada armed with medical equipment, not a firearm. The attack from the cowardly group also injured a member of the TNI who was tasked with securing health facilities in the highlands of the Bintang Mountains.

Responding to the attack on health workers, the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Papua, Donald deeply regretted the incident of the attack on the health facility. So far, throughout his experience as a health worker, the Papuan people have great respect for doctors and health workers. Because of that he really regretted why this incident could happen.

Meanwhile, IDI in the Papua region will stop all health services in the Kiwirok, Oksibil and Bintang Mountains regions, Papua, until the government provides security guarantees for the health workers on duty.

The head of IDI Papua, Donald Aroangear, said that IDI had sent a letter to the Governor of Papua asking for security guarantees for health workers after the attack allegedly carried out by KST.

Diriny reported that there were 9 health workers in the Kiwirok district who were victims of the attack. All of them have been evacuated to Jayapura and are currently under medical and psychological treatment for the trauma they experienced.

In addition, the body of Gabriela, who died as a result of the attack, has been lifted from the ravine and placed in a nearby shelter. The attack launched by KST against health facilities and health workers is an act that cannot be forgiven, the security forces, both TNI and Polri, must ensure the security of health facilities so that health services in Papua can continue without any threat from KST.


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