Home Security Condemning KST Papua Kills Health Workers | By Firros Antonio

Condemning KST Papua Kills Health Workers | By Firros Antonio


Firros Antonio | Papuan Observer (21 Oktober 2021)

KST again acted brutally by attacking the community and injuring health workers, causing fatalities. The cruelty of KST was condemned by civilians, because they had the heart to kill health workers, even though medical personnel were desperately needed during the pandemic. The community hopes that many KST members will be arrested soon so that they will not cause another riot.

Separatist and terrorist groups (KST) are a big obstacle in Papua, because they often throw tantrums, such as destroying public facilities, disrupting security in development projects, and even daring to attack the apparatus. The crimes committed by KST were carried out because they wanted to free themselves. So that the facilities built by the central government and local governments are damaged.

In a mid September 2021 is a gray day for 4 health workers (nakes) in Kiwirok, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua. KST attacked suddenly and then burned down the Puskesmas building, residents’ houses, schools, and the BPD cash office. After committing the vandalism, KST instead of running, instead injured the health workers with their bare hands and arrows.

The health workers ran helter-skelter and tried to save themselves from the pursuit of KST, but instead fell into the abyss. Unfortunately, one of them was seriously injured and died, namely Gabriela Meilan. During the evacuation process, there was a survivor named Kristina Sampe. He is currently protected at the Infantry Battalion 403/WP Post.

“Attacks on health workers in peaceful conditions is a form of human rights violation, in the war agreement made by the United Nations it has been stated that health workers are not allowed to be killed”

The public immediately condemned KST’s atrocities for committing vandalism, because this is not the first time they have set a school on fire. A few months ago they also burned down a school, in the North Ilaga area. When this time there is another incident, it is very regrettable. This means that KST does not want the Papuan people to advance through education, even though without education, KST will be easy to be fooled by others.

In addition, the killing of health workers is a major crime that has no humanity. This is a very serious crime and the perpetrators should be punished accordingly. In a conflict situation, health workers should not be subjected to violence. Based on Law no. 36 of 2014 concerning health workers, health workers are entitled to protection for occupational safety and health.

Moreover, when the health workers were attacked, they were carrying out their duties to maintain public health. If there is no health worker then how can civilians want to seek treatment, ask for vitamins, or install family planning? When a health worker dies, the Papuan people lose, because they can’t get health consultations as usual.

After all, during a pandemic, the presence of health workers is very important, because they are the ones who inject the corona vaccine. If the health workers continue to be hunted by KST, they are afraid that the number of covid cases on Earth of Cendrawasih will rise again. Therefore, cruelty to health workers is an act that deserves to be condemned.

After this fateful incident, 300 health workers from 34 health centers in the Bintang Mountains area were immediately evacuated by the authorities. They were afraid of becoming the next victim of KST’s atrocities, so they were immediately evacuated to a safer place. The officers this time did not want to be missed and wanted to protect the health workers, so that their lives were protected.

Security for health workers, teachers, and all parties working in public services is increasingly being improved. Moreover, the XX PON will soon be held in Papua. Of course, the Papua and West Papua Regional Governments do not want to be missed and want this event to take place successfully, without any interference from KST.

KST’s barbarity is beyond humanity. They deserve severe punishment, for daring to burn schools, health centers, and buildings that serve as other public facilities. In addition, KST also had the heart to shoot at the health workers and make one of them die while falling into a ravine.


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