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Countering the Propaganda of Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Groups | By Roman Yolanda


Roman Yolanda | Papuan Observer (23 Oktober 2021)

The Papuan people reject the existence of the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) because they continue to carry out propaganda to justify their brutal actions. People are also asked to be vigilant and join the fight against false news which all contain hoaxes.

The Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) breathed propaganda to turn civilians into their supporters. People are asked to use logic and ignore the propaganda, because it is completely wrong. KST deliberately made it to make it seem as if there was a clash between the government and the people, even though there never was.

“The public must be selective in receiving information about KST in Papua so that disinformation and hoaxes that often occur do not have a massive effect”

Propaganda is increasingly being blown by KST, especially ahead of the XX PON. The goal is that there is a psychological war between them and the apparatus, and it is hoped that later civilians will fall in sympathy with the OPM and KST. Even though the propaganda is wrong because only hoaxes and falsehoods are spread by them.

One of the propaganda that has ever circulated among the Papuan people is the issue of the end of the Melanesian race. The Indonesian government should be shunned because they are anti-Papuans (OAP) who are Melanesian. This propaganda is deliberately spread with the aim of clashing between tribes, because on average the officers are immigrants from other islands.

In addition, KST also spread propaganda in the form of news about the officers shooting many Papuan civilians. In fact, they themselves carried out the heinous shootings, not the police. Even KST has the heart to use innocent people as ‘living shields’ when there is a shootout with members of the TNI.

Sebby Sambom, a KST frontman, was also caught spreading propaganda in the form of a gunfight victim who was still a teenager. Even though after being matched, the man turned out to be 35 years old. So it is not true that the authorities shoot innocent teenagers.

To prevent the spread of propaganda, BNPT takes a soft approach, so that all Papuans have a high sense of love for Indonesia. This was revealed by the Head of BNPT Inspector General Pol Boy Rafli Amar. In a sense, a subtle approach is more effective than a hard one, because the community feels protected by the authorities.

The way for the soft approach is carried out by using the development of the welfare of the Papuan people, one of which is with special autonomy. When the special autonomy funds are disbursed, there will be many ongoing projects. In addition, the special autonomy budget is also a scholarship. So that people are aware that the government is very concerned about the fate of the Papuan people, so that a sense of nationalism arises in them.

To prevent the spread of propaganda, several ways can be used: first, by cooperating with social media managers. So that when there are hoaxes and propaganda circulating on social media, they can be immediately taken down for violating community standards. If possible, KST’s account will also be frozen by social media managers, both on Facebook and Twitter.

While the second, to prevent the spread of propaganda, the way is by cooperating with IT experts. They can know where KST members are when they open social media, because they know their IP address. So that we can search the place and cooperate with the authorities to make arrests. If the KST members are caught then they can no longer make misleading propaganda.

Third, the public needs to be educated to distinguish which news is genuine, which is hoax, and which is propaganda. So that if something has already spread on social media and WA groups, it can be deleted, when it is found out that it is just propaganda. Be careful when there is horrendous news and the title is click bait, because it could be a hoax deliberately made by KST.

To fight KST, various ways are needed, including psychologically. When they carry out psychic wars and shoot hoaxes and propaganda, the authorities appeal to the people not to believe them right away. Please first check on Google about the truth and don’t spread it right away, because you will be helping to popularize the propaganda.


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