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Papuan Indigenous and Youth Leaders Support Otsus and Regional Expansion | By Eduardus Panai


Eduardus Panai | Papuan Observer (25 Oktobeer 2021)

The division of the Papua region is a mandate from Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua. Related to this, a number of tribal chiefs, traditional leaders, religion and youth in Papua support the government’s plan to divide the territory. This policy is considered appropriate because it can improve welfare and accelerate the development of the Papua and West Papua regions.

Support for Otsus volume II and regional expansion came from a number of traditional, religious and youth leaders who were members of the United Indonesia Forum for the Land of Papua. They consisted of Ondofolo Yanto Ohee (Chairman of the Presidium of the Sons and Daughters of Pepera Fighters/P5 who is also the Coordinator of the United Indonesia Forum for the Land of Papua), Pdt. Coto Mauri S.Th (Religious Leader), Sem Kogoya (Vice Chair Coordinator for Central Highlands Community Control in Papua), Beni Tesia (Greminawa Community Leader), Neil Manobi (Sentani Youth Leader), Rudi Yappo Samori (Chairman of the Red and White Front of Jayapura Regency) , Eroll Marweri (Chairman of the Jayapura Regency KNPI) and David Ohee (Jayapura Regency KNPI Manager).

Meanwhile, Ondofolo traditional leaders and tribal leaders in Jayapura Regency also provide full support so that Otsus continues, supports the expansion of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) and supports the implementation of the XX National Sports Week (PON) 2021 in Papua.

Another traditional figure, namely Benhur Yaboisembut, S.Th, (Secretary of the Moy Tribal Customary Council (DAS)) also provided support for the sustainability of Otsus and regional expansion. According to him, the presence of new autonomous regions will accelerate the development process in the regions, especially in Jayapura Regency. Meanwhile, regarding PON XX 2021, he expressed his gratitude to the central government for giving the opportunity for PON to take place in Papua.

The head of the Grimenawa Tribe who is also the Head of the Grimenawa District Expansion Team, Marthinus Kacustom said the presence of this Special Autonomy was for the welfare of the people in Papua. Therefore, its presence must have an impact on the people in Papua.

“The support for the sustainability of Otsus provided by traditional leaders and Papuan youth leaders indicates that Otsus has a positive impact on the welfare of the Papuan people”

The large number of supports from a number of parties indicates that the extension of Otsus volume II and the expansion of new autonomous regions is very much needed by the people of Cendrawasih Earth. Because we know that the expansion of new autonomous regions aims to improve people’s welfare and economic equity in Papua and West Papua. This expansion is the aspirations of the people that have been conveyed since several years ago.

If you look at the area and geographical conditions of Papua, there is a need for expansion, but it should be carried out gradually and must prioritize the needs of the community. Do not let the division of this region only become the political needs of certain elites. The community needs to be invited to dialogue to determine this.

The development of the provinces of Papua and West Papua requires a targeted and measurable synergy between the central government and local governments as well as substantial financial support that has been provided by the central government through Otsus. The purpose of the new autonomous regions expansion is to focus more on the welfare of the Papuan people, because Papua is an inseparable part of Indonesia.

With the expansion of this new autonomous region, it is hoped that Papua will become more advanced and its development evenly distributed in every line so that the community will also feel the impact. In addition, the purpose of the expansion is to improve the welfare and human resources of the Papuan people so that they can compete with other regions.

The division of territory in Papua depends on the state’s financial capacity and the results of the revision of the Special Autonomy Law for Papua. The government proposes amendments to the article containing provisions for the expansion of regions in Papua to support the realization of the scenario for the expansion of Papua. The expansion of the new autonomous region by the central government is certainly very positive for the progress of the people in Papua.

The large number of supports from a number of parties related to the new autonomous regions, it is proper that the expansion of the region in Papua is a program that can be carried out seriously. With this program, development in Papua is expected to be carried out as planned and access for the general public will be easier.




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