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Special Autonomy as a Special Gift for the Papuan People | By Selly K.


Selly K. | Papuan Observer (01 Nopember 2021)

Special Autonomy (Otsus) is a special gift for the Papuan people, because they receive funds to develop their region. During Otsus volume 1, there were so many positive impacts for the people of Earth of Cendrawasih, so they also agreed to the extension of Otsus.

Papua has enormous potential because it has natural wealth and mining products. This potential should be supported by adequate infrastructure and facilities, in order to generate more benefits for all Papuans. To advance and increase development in Bumi Cendrawasih, there is an Otsus program which has been started since 2001.

In 2021 Otsus enters its second period and all residents in Papua agree. They have felt the benefits, because the Special Autonomy funds are intended for the people. So that life is getting better, thanks to the infrastructure in the form of representative highways, such as the Trans Papua road. When transportation is smooth, the economy is also smooth.

A community leader from Karubaga District, Tolikara Regency, Karmin Yikwa stated that the presence of Otsus really helped the community, especially in Tolikara. He is also optimistic that the presence of Otsus will have a positive impact on indigenous Papuans (OAP). Especially in the fields of education, health, development, and the economy, so that OAP is getting more advanced.

“One of the important points in Otsus is the priority for OAP”

They are preferred in accelerating development, and when there is a project, the Papuan people are hired. This priority is important because OAP is given the opportunity to develop their own region, so that they love their region and country even more.

The OAP must also be elected, in the sense that when there is an election for governor, vice governor, mayor, regent and deputy, it must be filled by Papuans. Residents of Earth of Cendrawasih are given the opportunity to lead their own area, thanks to Otsus. They come to understand how the art of leading and want to become officials not because of wealth, but because they want to advance their territory.

Otsus is also very useful in the field of education, because there are scholarships for high achieving Papuan children. Their parents are calm because tuition and school fees are covered by the Special Autonomy Fund, so that sons and daughters can study up to high school. Even those with thin minds can also study with the Special Autonomy scholarship, and can choose whether they want to be on campus in Papua or Java, and abroad.

Apart from being useful for the education sector, Otsus is also useful for the health sector. Especially in remote areas of Papua, which are still facing an endemic of malaria and other diseases. More health centers and other health facilities are being built, so they are getting closer to getting treatment. Health facilities are also complete with health workers, medicines, and representative medical devices.

For the development sector, there is already a lot of evidence in Papua, for example the Youtefa Bridge which was built with special autonomy funds. There is also the Trans Papua road, the Sentani international airport, and even the restoration of the Lukas Enembe stadium using special autonomy funds.

From the evidence above, it is undeniable that Otsus has brought many positive effects to the Papuan people. Therefore they agreed to the extension of Otsus in 2021, because it is very beneficial for all. Moreover, the disbursement of Special Autonomy funds continues to be enlarged, so that more can be given to the people of Earth of Cendrawasih.

Otsus is a form of love and concern from the government for all Papuans, because Papua is also part of Indonesia. Even though they are located in eastern Indonesia, the people on Earth of Cendrawasih cannot be backwards. They are required to receive education and facilities in order to continue progressing, thanks to the special autonomy fund.


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