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Support from Religious Leaders for the Sustainability of Papua’s Special Autonomy | By Lenny K.


Lenny K. | Papuan Observe (26 Oktober 2021)

Religious leaders in Papua support the sustainability of Special Autonomy because this program is very beneficial for the people on Earth of Cendrawasih. Thanks to Otsus, there are scholarships that can be enjoyed by the sons of Papua.

“Papua is no longer a marginalized area, because now it is very advanced and modern.”

In Bumi Cendrawasih, there are many facilities and infrastructure built by the government, such as the Trans Papua road, making it easier for people to move. All of this was built thanks to the Special Autonomy funds that were continuously disbursed by the government.

Otsus volume 2 was approved by all Papuan people, including the leaders, because the nominal value was getting bigger. This means that more facilities are being built on Earth of Cendrawasih, so that the people are more advanced.

Religious leaders in Papua also support the sustainability of Otsus. The Vik General of the Archdiocese of Merauke Father Hendrikus Kawirop stated that Otsus provides welfare for the people of Earth of Cendrawasih, especially in education and the community’s economy.

So far, Otsus funds have not only been allocated for the development of infrastructure and other facilities, but also for education. In the field of education, one of the most felt benefits from Otsus is the scholarships, which are distributed to Papuan sons from elementary to college level. They can study without having to worry about tuition fees and others.

These outstanding youths can also study, not only at universities in Papua, but also in Java, and even abroad. They make Bumi Cendrawasih proud because they have succeeded in becoming scholars and future leaders. After graduating, many of them dedicated themselves and became government employees in Papua.

Meanwhile, one of the Otsus scholarship alumni who has had a successful career in the capital is Billy Mambrasar. This Papuan native son has become a special staff of President Jokowi and is very proud, because he has been successfully appointed as an official at a young age.

The Papuan people’s economy has also been lifted thanks to the Special Autonomy Fund. The proof is that when residents used to have traditional houses made using natural materials, since there was infrastructure in the form of roads built with Special Autonomy funds, it has increased. Now their house is permanent (some semi-permanent), because the economy is improving thanks to the smooth transportation.

The Islamic Religious Leader of Asmat Regency, Ustad Abdul Shamat Lahuze, expressed his agreement to the extension of Otsus, which will be used for the advancement of the Papuan people. He is sad because the life of the Asmat community is still far from decent. If there is special autonomy funds, it will certainly help them to have a better life.

One of the plus points in Otsus is the priority for OAP (indigenous Papuans). Asmat natives are guaranteed by the Special Autonomy Law, so they also get priority. For example, when there is a project, those who are accepted as workers are indigenous people, because they are prioritized. It aims to make it easier for them to get a job, so that their standard of living is getting better.

The sustainability of Otsus is strongly supported by the community because they get thousands of benefits, ranging from infrastructure, facilities, to the fields of education and health. Indigenous Papuans also receive priority so that it is easier to find work. Meanwhile, their children can continue their education and study with the Special Autonomy Scholarship.

Religious leaders agreed to the extension of Otsus, because this program was proven to advance Papuans. Otsus is not a program that forces residents, but instead makes them progress, thanks to various facilities built by the government. With these facilities, they can become modern citizens and do not have financial difficulties.


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